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Attack the Block, Bad Teacher

New DVDs Tuesday, Oct. 18

By Bill Frost
Photo by Screen Gems // Attack the Block
Posted // October 17,2011 -

Attack the Block
A group of South London kids fend off an alien invasion using only violence, explosives and unintelligible accents—the way everything in South London is handled. Also starring Nick Frost as Nick Frost in a tracksuit. (Screen Gems)

Bad Teacher
A stoney/slutty high school teacher (Cameron Diaz) looking for a meal ticket out attempts to seduce a rich new sub (Justin Timberlake), but ends up with a not-rich gym coach (Jason Segel) and remaining stoney/slutty, instead. Lesson? (Sony)

Chick Magnet
An inexplicable all-star cast (including Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson, Kristen Bell, Tracy Morgan and Kristy Swanson) headline the direct-to-DVD tale of three college buds and a magic shirt that gets you laid. No, really. (Phase 4)

Green Lantern
A cocky test pilot (Ryan Reynolds) is recruited into the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps with a superpowered ring to fight evil and impress Blake Lively. With the fate of Earth in his hands, he can only be defeated by … yellow? (Oct. 14, Warner Bros.)

Red State
Three teens looking to party are captured by heavily armed Jesus freaks who are waiting for The Rapture; wackiness ensues when the ATF is called in and the bodies begin piling up. Kevin Smith’s finest work since Cop Out. (Lionsgate)

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