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Dexter, Something Borrowed

New DVDs Tuesday, Aug. 16

By Bill Frost
Photo by Paramount // Dexter
Posted // August 15,2011 -

Dexter: Season 5
Also known as “The Julia Stiles Mistake,” wherein Dexter (Michael C. Hall) takes on a damaged partner (Stiles) to bring her torturers to justice. Lose the LaGuerta/Batista crap, and it’s actually not a terrible season, haters. (Paramount) Netflix

Marley & Me: The Puppy Years
How to get around the dead-dog finale of Marley & Me? Make a prequel with a cute puppy! And, he talks! Laugh yourself stupid as Marley monologues about chew toys and managing his “dark passenger.” Wait, what? (Fox)

Something Borrowed
A perpetually single loser (Ginnifer Goodwin) gets drunk and sleeps with her obnoxious best friend’s (Kate Hudson) fiancé; the usual Romantic Comedy filler and The Office’s John Krasinski ensue. See it with someone you hate. (Warner Bros.) Netflix

Meet Monica Velour
A geeky teen (Dustin Ingram) meets his favorite ’80s porn star at a club appearance, only to find out she’s now just a tired old lady (tired old lady Kim Cattrall). Valuable Life lessons and uncomfortable elder nudity ensue. (Anchor Bay)

The Ward
A troubled woman (Drive Angry thespian Amber Heard) wakes up beaten and drugged in a remote ward of a mental hospital with no memory and a sense of dread. Since this is John Carpenter’s The Ward, she’s probably right. (Arc)

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