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The Ocho

Big Love: The Real End

Eight ways HBO’s Big Love should have ended.

By Bill Frost
Posted // March 22,2011 -

Eight ways HBO’s Big Love should have ended:?

8. Sen. Bill Henrickson convinces the state of Utah to legalize polygamy; series continues as CBS sitcom Three & a Half Wives.

7. Juniper Creek prophet Roman Grant returns with an army of prairie-dress zombies.

6. Closeted Alby Grant comes out and establishes the Church of Latter-Gay Saints; series continues as Alby, Damn! on Logo.

5. Both versions of Henrickson daughter “Teeny” meet, tearing a hole in the time-space continuum.

4. Henrickson son Ben marries Heather, Rhonda and Margene; series continues as 84070 on The CW.

3. Barb Henrickson and sister wife Nicki Grant open a chain of polygamist-friendly buffet restaurants in Bill’s abandoned Home Plus stores.

2. Henrickson daughter Sarah and husband Scott move to New Mexico and start a meth lab/diner; series continues as AMC drama Breaking Fast.

1. Bill gets randomly shot down in the street … by Utah’s new Official State Gun!

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