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The People I've Slept With, Skyline, The Tourist, Venture Bros, Yogi Bear

New DVD releases Tuesday, March 22

By Bill Frost
Photo by The People I've Slept With 
Posted // March 21,2011 - DVD.PeopleSleptWith.jpgThe People I’ve Slept With
When a woman (Karin Anna Cheung) who’s had countless hookups finds herself pregnant, she and her gay pal (Wilson Cruz—Ricky!) set out to find the baby daddy. It’s like Knocked Up, only gayer and Asian-er. (Maya)

Aliens attack the planet (well, Los Angeles—which might as well be the planet) with enslaving drone ships and bad CGI, and only a small group of pretty condo people (including Eric Balfour) can stop them. Or not. (Rogue)

DVD.Tourist.jpgThe Tourist
Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and their most ridiculous hairstyles yet are on the run from Italians, Russians and Interpol (not the band) in the action thriller nominated for three Golden Globes and a SuperCuts award. (Sony)

DVD.VentureBros.jpgThe Venture Brothers: Season 4 Vol. 2
TV’s best animated series continues with the graduation of Hank and Dean, the rise of Henchman 21, the revenge of the Revenge Society, Monarch mind control, a tribute (sort of) to Spider-Man and the Worst Prom Ever. (Warner Bros.)

DVD.YogiBear.jpgYogi Bear
Jellystone Park bears Yogi (Dan Aykroyd) and Boo-Boo (Justin Timberlake) must save their forest from being shut down by greedy corporate forces. If your first question is “How do you shut down a forest?”, forget it. (Warner Bros.)

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