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The Ocho

Sundance-Adjacent Parties

Eight lesser-known sponsored events happening around the 2011 Sundance Film Festival:

By Bill Frost
Posted // January 17,2011 - 8. The Keystone Beer Chill-Out Lounge, hosted by Keith Stone and Oliver Stone.

7. The Microsoft Bing Internet Cafe/Bing Is a Search Engine Awareness Center.

6. Hyundai Presents: Hop In a Sonata and Run the Heater for Two Minutes.

5. Ed Hardy’s Punch a Jersey Shore Cast Member in the Neck dance club.

4. The Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Here’s $20 to Please Watch OWN” screening room.

3. The Mountain Dew Xtreme Stream Zone free drink dispensary and urinal trough.

2. The 12-Foot Radius Where You Might Get Cell Reception, presented by AT&T.

1. City Weekly’s “Sneak a Frozen PBR” booth on Main Street.
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Posted // January 18,2011 at 20:07

Check it: here's a killer Sundance VIP party list app for the iPhone! seem pretty legit. I got a coupe responses to the RSVP's I sent out.


Posted // January 17,2011 at 12:30 If only someone as cool as Keith Stones would show up at Sundance sometime. Harvey Weinstein with a Blackberry is a poor substitute. Unfortunately, it's become a pop-culture caricature of itself, fomenting exactly the kind of corporate/commercial excess it was intended to work around. And I kid you not: The Trib ran a feature, front-page story over the week-end on what Sundance Fashions will be in vogue. Who gives a shit besides some worn-out fashion writer trying to pay for her lunch? Let's see, wear a fur jacket, because these hedonists don't care about animal rights. It's cool!C'mon! It's rich celebrities 24/7! I'm going to wear some tights, and some Luggs or Uggs or whatever the hell those ugly suade moon boots are called, a really dorky-looking Bolivian sheepherder cap with too-long chin-ties dangling down and a sweater-dress underneath that looks like I got it from Deseret Industries in the 50's, but actually paid more than I make in a week for it at a boutique on 3300 South.Oh, and lots of really tacky-looking, cheap costume jewelry. And later at night, while driving back down to Salt Lake City, I realize that I forgot to attend any screenings or panel discussions, that I didn't see anyone I recognized, or at least I think I recognized under layers of coats,face-masks, hats and glasses and no one in the band playing at Harry-O's noticed me even though I danced drunk next to the stage all night.