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Buried, Dark Skies, Death Race 2, Justified, Takers

New DVD releases Tuesday, Jan. 18

By Bill Frost
Posted // January 17,2011 - TrueTV.DVD.Buried.jpgBuried
Ryan Reynolds finally faces a problem that being pretty won’t solve: He’s buried six feet underground with a depleting oxygen supply, a dying cell phone and no way out. Kind of like sitting through The Proposal. (Lionsgate)

TrueTV.DVD.DarkSkies.jpgDark Skies: The Complete Series
The 1996-97 NBC series about UFOs terrorizing Earth in the 1960s, finally on DVD! Watch for Robert Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Hubert Humphrey, Carl Sagan, Dan Rather and … Jim Morrison? (Shout Factory)

TrueTV.DVD.DeathRace.jpgDeath Race 2
The first remake was sooo good, they had to make a second—this one explaining the origins of Death Race that you probably never cared about, anyway, and starring wimpy Luke Goss instead of beefy Jason Statham. And, go! (Universal)

TrueTV.DVD.Justified.jpgJustified: Season 1
A renegade U.S. Marshal (Timothy Olyphant) is exiled to his Kentucky hometown after shooting up Miami, only to run up against all of the ex-friends, thugs and women he pissed off in the past, all while rocking a sweet Stetson. (Sony)

Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Chris Brown, T.I. and about 25 more star in Ocean’s IQ 11, wherein a group of well-dressed bank robbers attempt to pull off—wait for it—one last high-stakes job. And, go! (Screen Gems)

More New DVD Releases (Jan. 18)
The Assistants, Dallas: Season 14, Denis Leary & Friends: Douchebags & Donuts, Down Terrace, Freakonomics, Jack Goes Boating, Married Men & Single Women, Merlin: Season 2, Nite Tales: The Series, Paper Man, The Virginity Hit

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