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DVD Reviews

Louis CK: Hilarious, Piranha, Psychosis, The Social Network, Stonerville

New DVD releases Tuesday, Jan. 11

By Bill Frost
Posted // January 10,2011 - DVD.LouisCK.jpgLouis CK: Hilarious
America’s greatest comedy treasure (after Sarah Palin) rails against hot girls, dumb dudes, tech-whiners, divorce regrets, genital upkeep, other people’s children and incorrect usage of the word “hilarious.” Hence … (Comedy Central)

A lakeside town is besieged by thousands of idiot spring-breakers—and, conveniently, millions of just-awakened prehistoric killer piranha; blood, boobs, hysteria, boobs, Elisabeth Shue as a sheriff (!) and more boobs ensue. (Dimension)

A horror novelist (Charisma Carpenter) suffers a mental breakdown and moves to the English countryside to recuperate, only to begin seeing ghosts, creepy neighbors, grisly visions and … The Darkness’ singer?! Eek! (E1)

DVD.SocialNetwork.jpgThe Social Network
A Harvard undergrad/computer geek (Jesse Eisenberg) invents Facebook, makes enemies, gains groupies, becomes a millionaire and pines for his One True Love while everyone spits quick, witty lines like Aaron Sorkin. (Sony)

It’s Kentucky Fried Movie meets High Times meets Pauly Shore meets YouTube meets just enough nudity and dumb drug humor to make the previous interesting. Also, it’s Leslie Nielsen’s final movie … damn. (Screen Media)

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Posted // January 12,2011 at 08:37

Just saw The Social Network this week. I had read about a dozen rave reviews of this movie, but NONE of them mentioned that the dialogue is unintelligible. People have so much to say that they mumble their lines, and the background music is in the foreground. Terrible sound editing in an excellent movie. My daughter and I agreed that we were lucky to have understood maybe 25% of the dialogue.