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The Ocho

Ocho: Greatest Hits 2010

Eight favorite and completely out-of-context Ocho entries of 2010.

By Bill Frost
Posted // December 27,2010 -

Eight favorite and completely out-of-context Ocho entries of 2010, as voted on by the Ocho Army fan club (West Coast chapter):

8. Every time an announcer refers to soccer as a “sport” rather than “a leisurely jog in pretty shorts,” take a shot. (June 14)

7. “Don’t think your teen is ‘sexting’? Our undercover Cyber Reporter has some photos of your daughter you may not want to see.” (May 17)

6. MTV has taught us that the last year of high school can easily be replaced with a reality show “about” the last year of high school. (Feb. 17)

“Do you pledge to protect our country against Mexicans, Canadians and Californians?” (July 27)

4. “Hot Asian girl looking for bored house husband to set up Blu-ray player. My disc slot is so empty and lonely.” (Sept. 7)

3. Lucha Libre Mexican Restaurant & Wrestling Gym (Oct. 11)

2. “My opponent ran an honorable campaign … for a goat-molesting douchebag.” (Nov. 1)

1. The Erotic Adventures of Karl Rove (Jan. 20)

Bill Frost

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