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DVD Reviews

Bangkok Adrenaline, Dollhouse, Jonah Hex, Lost Boys: The Thirst, Renegade

New DVD releases Tuesday, Oct. 12.

By Bill Frost
Posted // October 11,2010 - TrueTV.DVD.BangkokAdren_D82.jpgBangkok Adrenaline
Four Brits get drunk in Thailand, lose big at a poker game and run afoul of the local mob, so they kidnap a millionaire’s daughter to pay off the debt—but she knows the kung fu! Fighting, fighting and more fighting ensue. Hence, adrenaline. (Image)

TrueTV.DVD.Dollhouse.jpgDollhouse: Season 2
The final season, wherein the story of a woman (Eliza Dushku) who has her memory wiped and replaced with mission-centric personalities becomes even more ridiculous, then morphs into a Buffy/Firefly
reunion special. Yay! (Fox)

TrueTV.DVD.JonahHex.jpgJonah Hex
A Wild West bounty hunter (Josh Brolin) tracks down the man (John Malkovich) who killed his family and messed up his pretty face. Also starring Megan Fox as his hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold girlfriend, and … Will Arnett? (Warner Bros.)

TrueTV.DVD.LostBoys.jpgLost Boys: The Thirst
The third (!) sequel to The Lost Boys, this time starring only one Corey (Feldman): The Frog Brothers hunt down a gang of newbie vampires high on a potent drug mix of vampire blood, Ecstasy and maybe even spice. (Warner Bros.)

TrueTV.DVD.Renegade.jpgRenegade: The Complete Series
The cheesetacular ’90s TV series about a hairy bounty hunter (Lorenzo Lamas), his hairier sidekick (Branscombe Richmond), a bad-ass Harley and a whole closet full of leather vests (but, apparently, no shirts), finally on DVD! (Mill Creek)

More New DVD Releases (Oct. 12)
CSI: Miami: Season 8; Dexter’s Laboratory: Season 1; Ghost Whisperer: The Final Season; I Am Comic; I Am Love; In Treatment: Season 2; Seven Deadly Sins; Trailer Park Boys: Season 1; The Tudors: The Final Season; What Would Jesus Do?

Bill Frost:

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