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DVD Reviews

Abandoned, Addicted to Her Love, The Back-Up Plan, Lost, Titanic II

New DVD releases Tuesday, Aug. 24

By Bill Frost
Photo by Anchor Bay // Abandoned
Posted // August 23,2010 - DVD.Abandoned.jpgAbandoned
Brittany Murphy’s final role, direct-to-DVD: A woman (Murphy) brings her boyfriend (Dean Cain) to the hospital, then freaks out when he disappears—but did he ever really exist? Is it a conspiracy? Is she crazy? Dean Cain? (Anchor Bay)

DVD.AddictedLove.jpgAddicted to Her Love
At a high school party, a geek loser meets the popular party girl (Lizzy Caplan), who learns he works at a pharmacy and seduces him into supplying her and her friends with drugs. Uh, Lizzy Caplan as a high schooler? You’re on drugs. (Koch)

DVD.BackUpPlan.jpgThe Back-Up Plan
A lonely woman (Jennifer Lopez) gives up on dating and has herself artificially inseminated—and then meets The Man of Her Dreams (Alex O’Loughlin). Wacky pregnancy and romantic comedy clichés ensue. Still less pathetic than Jennifer Aniston. (CBS Films)

DVD.Lost.jpgLost: Season 6
The final season, wherein everything/nothing is answered and everyone reaches their destiny/dies. DVD includes hours of bonus material which provides further non-closure and muddied references for Lost chumps, er, fans. (ABC Studios)

DVD.Titanic.jpgTitanic II
On the 100th anniversary of the original’s voyage, a luxury liner dubbed Titanic II (yes, really) sets sail. Then, lo and behold, it runs into both a tsunami and an iceberg! Who the fuck saw that coming? Co-starring Brooke Burns as Actress In Wet Shirt. (The Asylum)

More New DVD Releases (Aug. 24)
90210: Season 2, Ax Men: Season 1, The Bad Mother’s Handbook, City Island, The Confidant, Dorian Gray, Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Collection, Gossip Girl: Season 3, Group Sex, Heaven’s Neighbors, The Least Among You, Metamorphisus, NCIS: Season 7, Pawn Stars: Season 2, The Simpsons: Season 13, The Square

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