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5 Spot

Nigel of Nigel & The Metal Dogs

By Bill Frost
Posted // August 16,2010 - Rock-legend-in-his-own-mind Nigel (aka journeyman musician Tony Oros of Park City Productions) was the lead singer for Liquid Joe’s mainstay cover band, The Metal Gods, for more than seven years before packing up his leather chaps and leaving in October 2009. Now, the British belter holds court with his new band, Nigel & The Metal Dogs, every Thursday night at Club Vegas (445 S. 400 West). Calling from his luxury tour jet en route from Hollywood, Nigel attempted to explain all of this metal madness.

Clubbers may not be aware that you haven’t been with Liquid Joe’s Metal Gods since last year. What have you been doing since the split?
Well, there have been several rumors. Some say I was recording and auditioning for a revamped supergroup called Satin Pistol or some silliness. Untrue—that was back in 2003, when I first moved to Utah. Others claim I rented a cabin in Montana and began mailing out incendiary devices. Some insist I shaved me head and took a vow of silence, and we all know how likely that is. The truth? I was hiking the Appalachian Trail.

How does a Metal Dogs show differ from a Metal Gods show? More hairspray and larger cucumbers down the pants?
Since Sean Hannity has informed me that the ozone layer is OK, yes! Aqua Net for everyone! The Dogs and I will be doing all the most epic ’80s heavy metal. Most songs will be familiar to Nigel’s legions, but we’re also adding some “new” nuggets I’ve never performed before. We’ll also have weekly emcees and comedians, all-star guests from Los Angeles and Las Vegas, a go-go dancer cage onstage—one song each, ladies. And we do prefer zucchini. They’re less prickly, actually.

What is the greatest artistic achievement of your career thus far? Or, if you prefer, most dangerous groupie liaison?
Pond-skimming as Jesus, The Canyons, April 2006. I walked on water.

Could The Metal Dogs take more-famous faux-metal band Steel Panther in a slap fight?
We could take their paychecks, for shizzle—“Death to All But Nigel!” Oh, Sarah Silverman … so yummy in that video. There is a bit of history with me and those blokes; all good karma, baby. But for that stuff, you’ll have to wait for the book—wink wink, nudge nudge.

Local tabloids have linked you with a hippie named Tony Oros who sings for change in Park City bars. Care to address the allegation?
I do not associate with people who listen to Radiohead.

Bill Frost:

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Posted // August 20,2010 at 18:13

nigel made the Metal Gods what we are???

Are you F'n kidding me?

His obvious ego is what makes him a D-bag.

Our band hasn't reinvented anything, we're still packing in tons of people down at Liquid Joes.

Metal Gods are MUCH better off without that A-hole. Plus the new Bootiequake and Dope MCs addition to the Three Way Thursday night is gonna draw even MORE people, especially young college kids. nigel can HAVE all the losers that think he's so wonderful. We'll be partying every Thursday at Liquid Joes with hot chicks while he's singing to 40 bikers, stoners and hippies like himself.


Posted // August 16,2010 at 21:38

(bad British accent) "While we were backstage with all your hot Mormon girlfriends"-Nigel. He really made the Metal Gods what they are.Now they have to keep reinventing themselves over and over again. I challenge Nigel to push the limits and rock harder than he ever has before. Its his obvious ego that makes him entertaining. Dont stop rockin'. Peeeeeeeeeace!


Posted // August 16,2010 at 12:12

I love playing dress up! Sometimes I dress up like Eleanor Roosevelt, find a quiet corner of the house and, with cat in lap, read from her books.

I totally understand this dude!