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DVD Reviews

Defendor, Daisy Chain, The Grind, Pirate Radio, Slammin' Salmon

New DVD releases Tuesday, April 13

By Bill Frost
Posted // April 7,2010 -

A road-construction worker (Woody Harrelson) dons a superhero costume by night and becomes Defendor, fighting crime and protecting teenage hookers (like Kat Dennings). It’s Taxi Driver meets Kick Ass on a Canadian budget.

The Daisy ChainTrueTV.DVD.DaisyChain.jpg
A couple (Samantha Morton, Steven Mackintosh) move to a remote Irish town and adopt young autistic girl, Daisy—who, of course, turns out to be a Creepy Kid Who Kills. Lesson: Always avoid small towns and orphans.

The GrindTrueTV.DVD.Grind.jpg
A luckless hustler (C. Thomas Howell) owes money to the Mexican mob and a drug-crazed loan shark (ironically, Tom Sizemore), so he schemes to cash in with a “hot lesbian action” Website. Great, but where’s Eric Nies?

Pirate RadioTrueTV.DVD.PirateRadio.jpg
Rebel ‘60s radio DJs (including Phillip Seymour Hoffman) broadcast rock & roll from a ship in the North Atlantic, pissing off the British government and driving kids wild. Today, this is fed-sanctioned Classic Rock Radio.

The Slammin’ SalmonTrueTV.DVD.SlamminSalmon.jpg
From Broken Lizard, the brains behind Super Troopers and Beerfest: A former boxer (Michael Clarke Duncan) runs The Slammin’ Salmon, a Miami seafood restaurant; sick-and-wrong hilarity ensues. Nope, not old yet.

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