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Best of Factoids

Eight fun factoids about City Weekly’s Best of Utah issue.

By Bill Frost
Posted // April 7,2010 -
Eight fun factoids about City Weekly’s Best of Utah issue:

8. Some awards can be enjoyed again, in slightly re-worded form, in Salt Lake Magazine’s Best of the Beehive issue later this year.

7. The Olive Garden still receives more “Best Italian Restaurant” votes than we care to admit.

6. Most of the “models” you see in location photos are City Weekly staffers; the homelier ones are usually from Editorial.

5. And, many restaurant and dining pics are scratch ‘n’ sniff. Go ahead, try it.

4. If you win more than one category, we’ll throw in a Best of Citysearch award.

3. For an extra $100 (cash only), we’ll also throw in a Best of State award.

2. Winners’ display awards are available in plaque, banner and 32-foot inflatable gorilla form.

1. Best of Utah is City Weekly’s biggest issue of the year. Next week, it’s just coupons and comics.

Bill Frost:

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