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Bosna serves hearty Balkan meals at light prices

By Jeffrey David
Photo by Jeffrey David // Tender beef gulas at Bosna.
Posted // February 18,2014 -

Bosna is practically the definition of an authentic restaurant: obscure, beloved and delicious. You wouldn’t know that the building where Bosna is located is a restaurant unless you were looking for it. But on the inside of Bosna, which is now 12 years old, you’ll find a crowd watching soccer on a Croatian TV feed, and delicious, heavy food.

If you’re looking for light or pretentious food, this is not the place. But you will find hearty, filling dishes, traditionally created to make cold winters and bleak circumstances more bearable. The menu features sarma, burek, grah, gulas and—the most recognizable item—cevapi. Cevapi is a small sausage made with beef, garlic and spices, sold in carts on every streetcorner in Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia.

We ordered it with pita, but it’s not the kind of pita you think of when you get a gyro. It’s thick, doughy on the inside, grilled on the outside and cooked in butter. Together, the cevapi and pita were like a spicy sausage sandwich.

We also had grah (beans & beef served with bread), sarma (stuffed cabbage leaves with rice and ground beef) and gulas (beef stew served with rice or mashed potatoes). The gulas—incredibly tender beef in a hearty, gravy-like broth, loaded with herbs and spices—was profoundly delicious. It took a few pieces of bread to mop up all the broth and leftover rice.

Our bill for four dishes was under $20, and we were extremely full afterward. Not only is Bosna a place to find delicious, inexpensive food, but it’s also a wonderful lesson in culture, and tasty treat that we get to experience. Lucky us.

3142 S. Main, Salt Lake City

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Posted // March 4,2014 at 19:20 Best place in Salt Lake to get authentic Bosnian food. The owners are very friendly, and the food is absolutely delicious!!! I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone; I come here at least few times a week, and love it. Bring a friend or a few, so you can share dishes family style. Some of the menu will be familiar, classic dishes nicely done. Bosnian bread, cheese, and sausage are unique and not to be missed. Come with an open mind and an open minded palate, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Espresso is the best!!!


Posted // February 24,2014 at 11:55 If you haven't ever had Bosnian food, well, there's a first time for everything. You can't really go wrong with bread, meat, cheese and butter anyway. To write a review on this restaurant is almost offensive as words can't describe the amazing food I just indulged. The staff is kind it's obviously a family run place. Trust me, overlook the location because when you walk in, you're taken to a completely different place, and the best way I can bottle this restaurant up is that it makes me long for Europe tremendously. Try the burek (pastries made of thin flaky dough filled with cheese, minced meat), pljeskavica (Bosnian hamburger) and cevapi (grilled minced meat sausages). This is a great place :)


Posted // March 5,2014 at 01:29 - Thanks, Zlaja!


Posted // February 24,2014 at 21:27 - Thanks, Nina!


Posted // February 23,2014 at 13:44 Best cevapi (sausage links with pita) in the nation. Great and fun atmosphere. Has a great menu with and a great price. Great place to relax have coffee and socialize.


Posted // February 24,2014 at 21:26 - Thanks Sijan!


Posted // February 22,2014 at 20:33 Very friendly, besides good food there is coffee, really good. People outside enjoy themselves since smoking inside is prohibited. As for men they are good looking and married happily ever after.


Posted // February 22,2014 at 01:44 i've driven by a number of times and it looks like a bar for men sitting outside smoking. is it female friendly?