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Boba World

Authentic Shanghai cuisine in Woods Cross

By Jeffrey David
 Shanghai beef fat noodles
Posted // May 14,2013 -

While searching to satiate your cravings for Chinese food, you’ll most likely find fast-food-type restaurants, buffets restaurants and places where the house’s main dish is sweet & sour chicken. Even if an eatery didn’t start out that way, customer demand often dictates a menu’s evolution. But Boba World has remained true to the passion that got it started. This is authentic Shanghai cuisine.

At Boba, the noodles are handmade daily—they’re fat, heavy and delicious, with a chewy texture. The Shanghai beef noodles are served with onions, carrots, bean sprouts and tender slices of marinated beef. After a few bites, you’ll have embraced this unique noodle texture. Soon thereafter, you’ll be falling in love, and it’ll be all you can do to pace yourself.

It also seemed necessary to order the Shanghai juicy dumplings. Oftentimes, the terms “dumplings” and “pot stickers” are used interchangeably—and what shows up on your plate makes you wonder if they were purchased as the discount warehouse store and reheated in a pan. Not so at Boba World. When we ordered the dumplings, we were told that it would take 15 minutes. The sweet pork filling is bathed in broth and housed in a delicious ball of steamed dough. The dumplings are accompanied by a tangy garlic soy sauce to dip them in, allowing you to coat the dumpling in one more layer of perfection.

We all have our “sphere of comfort”—the restaurants we eat at repeatedly because they’re familiar. Sometimes it’s not because we necessarily love the places anymore; it’s that we don’t have the energy to look elsewhere. Boba World is a 10-minute drive from Salt Lake City on Interstate 15. It may be a few minutes outside of your comfort zone, but that short trip will be a culinary journey across the Pacific.

750 S. 512 West, Woods Cross

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Posted // May 15,2013 at 18:36

This place ROCKS!!! 10 minute drive is worth it.


Posted // May 15,2013 at 10:21

This article is making me hungry! A definite place to try.