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Brewvies Appetizers

Make a meal out of the Teasers menu

By Jeffrey David
Posted // April 16,2013 -

A typical movie night out consists of either gulping down food at a restaurant while constantly checking your watch before rushing off to the movie, or purchasing mediocre, overpriced hotdogs, nachos, popcorn and soda at the theater. Either situation leaves you totally un-relaxed, and in need of another night out.

But please don’t start the cycle all over again. Instead, try Brewvies Cinema Pub, where you can enjoy a good movie and great food simultaneously. No, this is not a place where they see you coming and throw food in the microwave or place it on a warmer; this food is all housemade and delicious.

There are some wonderful burgers, pizzas and sandwiches, but I would highly recommend making a meal out of the Teasers (appetizers) menu. Start with the slow-roasted pork nachos. The pork is roasted overnight to an ideal taste and tenderness, then placed over fresh-cooked tortilla chips and served with veggies, sour cream, fresh sliced jalapeño peppers and housemade pico de gallo. These nachos are borderline addictive.

Move on to the veggie chili for course No. 2. I know what you’re thinking: What’s the point of chili without meat? I had the same thought, and was delightfully surprised by the smooth sauce and flavor-packed vegetables. I also assume that the main reason for excluding meat was to make room for the extra peppers and spices. This chili packs a powerful (but not overpowering) punch.

I had eaten only half the nachos and chili, but still wanted to try the Texas taters—hand-cut fries smothered with cheese and topped with bacon. I ended up being too stuffed for the taters, black-bean eggrolls or the pizza bread.

We are used to planning food around a movie, but at Brewvies, we get to plan a movie around food. The way it should be.

677 S. 200 West

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Posted // April 30,2013 at 05:49

Used to be one of my favorite places, bar, movie theater or otherwise, but after several horrible experiences I have to say to stay away from Brewvies. It all comes down to customer service. Being organized and professional is part of customer service, Brewvies lacks both of these qualities. You order food for your movie, you come out of the theater to pick it up and you wait. And you wait. And you wait some more. Meanwhile, people who are not in a theater are being served and their drink orders are being filled. Eventually your food comes out cold and disgusting, to be fair it was never that good to begin with, but hey. All of this can be easily fixed, unfortunately Brewvies has a staff of rude, disrespectful people that are not fit to work at the DMV. If I could give it zero stars I would. This place needs to get its act together. Do they even know how to run a business? I mean how can you run out of ordinary shiz like coleslaw? One movie ended late so the next started late. Had to wait so long for our food that by the time it came there were no seats in the theater even though we'd already bought tickets! What the he!!? Waiter kept telling us not to worry, there's plenty of time. I look over and the f*ing line is out the door. So much for getting there 45 minutes early! Oh, and thanks for the advice to just wait. . . We go in the theatre, which was overrun by aging hippies, only to find a bunch of d0uhe bags savings seats like they were made of f*ing tofu. We left the food - sucked anyway - and then left altogether. What a great date night! Thanks for f*ing nothing!


Posted // April 22,2013 at 19:22

It all sounds delicious!  Thanks for the review this reminded me about brewvies and how great it is. Whenever we can magically swing date night without the kids this will be where we head.


Posted // April 16,2013 at 18:17

While the Teasers are a meal, the rest of the menu is excellent.