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Cover Story

SLC Punk Is Not Dead Page 4

A look back at the film that made the city an icon 15 years ago

By Colin Wolf
Posted // September 18,2013 -

Church of the Madeleine



Heroin Bob’s funeral was shot at the Cathedral of the Madeleine on South Temple. The church is still pretty much exactly the same—the only real difference is that the bench from the final scene is no longer there.



Market Street



Sean, the green-haired kid who accidentally ingested a hundred hits of acid and unfortunately thought his mom was a bull, loses his mind and eventually becomes a panhandler. Stevo and Sandy run into him right outside of what is now Takashi on Market Street (340 South).



Memory Grove Park


photo (6)1_1.jpg

Stevo and Sandy dropped acid here, and though the 1999 tornado ripped up most of the trees, the park is pretty much exactly the same. The opening scene of the film, where Stevo and Heroin Bob beat up the rednecks, was also filmed at the back of the park, on the overlook below Gravity Hill.




Photos by Mike Fuchs  

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Posted // October 13,2013 at 08:59

Wait. . it took three of those women to give Trish one dimension?


Posted // September 27,2013 at 13:02

Cool Puck Rock photos from Speedway Cafe, any know where all the Indian Center Photos are, I know Jennifer Habel RIP took many photos.


http://trent. photoshelter. com/gallery/1988-Punk-Rock/G0000XvactxoXQq8/


Posted // September 27,2013 at 08:09

The real Heroin Bob is very much alive in fact he is the co owner of my husband's fantasy football team! Ha ha. . . James went to the same high school as me briefly before he switched to judge but I didn't know him to ever be in the punk scene. I saw the movie at the Sundance premiere and thought it was a fun movie for the most part and my friends who worked on the film crew said it was fun to make. Yeah, he should have used local music I agree and perhaps came up with his own original names as the main characters.


Posted // September 26,2013 at 10:04

I am publicly appoligizing to James. It's easy to be an internet tough guy and talk shit about someone you don't know. I did get the opportunity to chat with him, and yeah I might be sucking up, but I truly am sorry if I hurt his feelings, and understand if I did. It doesn't feel good inside and I just have to say this to get it out there. If I could delete my comments I would.


Posted // September 26,2013 at 11:36 - Ike, I don't think you said anything out-of-line. Isn't one of the goals of a movie to provoke conversation? SLC Punk certainly has done that, including the folks who loved it, generally liked it, had some legitimate criticisms (e. g. the lack of any SLC punk bands in the soundtrack), or flat-out disliked it. I think all those opinions are have a place in the dialogue about SLC Punk. From what I've read on FB and here, you've been nothing less than respectful. Just because folks have differing opinions about the movie doesn't mean that they're making personal attacks against the director, even though, unfortunately, Mr. Merendino has taken some of the criticisms that way. I will say that I really hope there weren't any threats made to with JM, his family or his fans. I was on that thread last night and didn't see anything of the sort. Yeah, Skip was obnoxious but what do you expect? Haha. If there were actually personal threats made, then it must have been through private message, because I sure didn't see any (or make any, unless noting that I went to Judge with James and hos sister counts as a personal threat - hope not!). I'd probably be sensitive, too, if folks were critiquing my work, but I think that comes with the territory, especially when the subject is punk rockers, who are not generally known for their refined and sensitive ways. Back to my original point: your having opinions about the movie doesn't mean you have anything to apologize for. Peace.


Posted // September 23,2013 at 20:45

Oopps I meant 30 years ago.  In this case i do thing timing matters!


Posted // September 26,2013 at 11:41 - Sorry for all the typos. Writing from my phone.