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Shots In The Dark

5 Monkeys

A buffet of "bar-tivities"

By Colin Wolf
Posted // December 13,2012 -

On the game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, kids always struggled with that ridiculously complicated three-piece monkey puzzle. For my generation, it was the bane of our existence. But now that we’re older, it seems like there’s no monkey-related puzzle we can’t solve—even after a few shots at the club. So, if you’ve never been to 5 Monkeys (7 E. 4800 South), don’t let the name fool you, this Murray club is no brain-buster. If anything, it’s a buffet of “bar-tivities.” There’s free pool seven days a week, karaoke every hump day, and Fridays and Saturdays are typically reserved for live music and DJs. Personally, I’m a big fan of Thursday nights, which means free wings courtesy of Rob Sauce; and while you’re there, take advantage of the $3 wells or the signature $4 Monkey Piss lager. For a full calendar of events, check out (Photos by Mike Fuchs)

Like every decent sauce pusher, he offers free samples.
Rob Clark of Rob Sauce

Monkeyin’ around (ha).
Celeste White, Lamar Kellywood

Beer is way more effective than mistletoe.
Miranda Jones, Sydney Enloe

On the far left: They call that the “meat haze.”
Natashia Mower, David Olsen, Jamie Yamashio

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