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Shots In The Dark

W Lounge

A Stir-ing Friday Night at W

By Colin Wolf
Posted // March 22,2012 -

Start with a small, intimate bar, mix in one of the city’s best DJs, pour on a few hundred ounces of cocktails and you’ve got yourself a Stir-Friday at W Lounge (358 S. West Temple). This weekly event has been around for a little more than two years and has become a staple for Salt Lake City partygoers. Resident DJ and 2011 CWMA DJ of the Year DJ Flash & Flare hosts this always-bassy event. He has showcased other local talent and also big-name, out-of-town acts such as Kid Sister, Rye Rye, The Hood Internet and, coming up March 30, moombahton producer JWLS. Known for great music, W Lounge also offers a slew of organic beverages, including $3 beers and specialty shots like $4 blueberry bombs. It sounds easy enough, but not everyone can make a Stir-Friday—they’re only available at W Lounge.

A Stir-Friday also includes a 2:1 ratio.

Ryker Garrett, Miha Moa, Mikenna Smith

The Master & Commander himself.

W Lounge owner Casey Staker, Annika Lohrke

Even at the club, Jesus is always with you.

Hipster Jesus, Vic Spikes, Melissa Hanlon

Duck face was so 2011.

Jamie Mioshy, Chip Douglas, Celine Bouch

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