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The Word Blog

A Year in Photos!

City Weekly's Top 10 Photo Galleries of 2011

By City Weekly Street Team
Posted // December 30,2010 -

Take a trip down memory lane... Here are the top ten photo galleries from our 2010 events that were creeped-on by our curious readers. View all of our photo galleries, anytime, at

1. Craft Lake City by Gavin's Underground (view photos)

13987_med.jpg 13620_med.jpg

2. Slippery Kittens Holiday Show at Bar Deluxe by The Word (view photos)

19097_med.jpg 19065_med.jpg 19115_med.jpg

3. Best of Utah Party at the Hotel & Elevate by Niki Chan (view photos)

7985_med.jpg 7919_med.jpg 7939_med.jpg

4. Utah Pride Parade by Niki Chan (view photos)

10057_med.jpg 9944_med.jpg 9939_med.jpg

5. 2010 Miss City Weekly Pride Pageant by ThatGuyGil (view photos)

9727_med.jpg 9750_med.jpg 9689_med.jpg

6. Poor Yorick Studios by Gavin's Underground (view photos)

7249_med.jpg 7146_med.jpg 7117_med.jpg

7. 2010 St. Patrick's Day Parade by b. elenor (view photos)

6833_med.jpg 6796_med.jpg 6804_med.jpg

8. 80s Prom Party at Area 51 by b. elenor (view photos)

8869_med.jpg 8858_med.jpg

9. Graffiti on Girls at Elevate by ThatGuyGil? (view photos)

13245_med.jpg 13260_med.jpg 13287_med.jpg

10. 2010 Best of Utah Party Photobooth (view photos)

7861_med.jpg 7806_med.jpg 7816_med.jpg

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