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City Guide 2008 | Culture: Visual Arts - Visual Cues Page 3

Departing gallery director Kenny Riches names 25 local artists who should be on your radar.

By Kenny Riches
Posted // February 1,2008 -
Claire Taylor Moxy Mosos
Claire Taylor is a young master of printmaking and an emerging artist. Her prints are charming and always on point. Look out for owls, foxes, penguins and letterpress. Her works are shy and magical narratives with dainty, silly animals as characters. Love them as I do.

Cordell Taylor the Cordell Taylor
An example for many sculptors and also many gallerists, Cordell Taylor has been around the contemporary art world for many years. His sculptures are big, heavy, metal and everywhere. He’s not only an exceptional artist, he once owned a gallery in downtown Salt Lake City. He has had a hand in creating a gallery in Denver; and his thumbprint is on many of the public art projects in Salt Lake City, most notably the 2007 337 Project in which many on this list were involved. Kudos.

Mary Toscano Draw the drawing, print the drawing
Mary Toscano holds many things precious. Some of those things include deer, boar, bison and her beloved chanticleer. These are some of the things that she reproduces in her delicate drawings and prints. With the cleanest line quality and a twist of folk art, they are unique and popping up everywhere from gallery walls to music album covers and posters.

Cein Watson Organically mechanical
I first met Cein Watson at the beginning of Kayo Gallery. He asked me, “You make stuff?” And then quickly answered his own question with, “I make stuff.” That was the beginning of a great artist/curator relationship. He is one of the great art producers in the valley and always eager to show it. During his senior year at the University of Utah, Cein Watson was working on his thesis show and about eight other gallery shows. Get it while it’s hot and before you can’t afford it.

Brenda Wattleworth Stripping the layers
Beyond being one of the most stylistically defined painters in Salt Lake City, Brenda Wattleworth’s installations and quilted works are equally as recognizable. Sometimes haunting and other times playful, her artwork will catch your eye and hold your interest.

Sri Whipple Delicious sex pop
Sri Whipple is the master of his craft. A painter through and through, his poppy, glossy, often hypersexual masterworks would taste like ginger cookies if you could eat them. His drawings also have become quite the collector’s treasure these days. They hold many similarities to his paintings: fluid, bold, confident and that same sweet sugary taste. When you’ve seen his work, I know you’ll understand.

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The third Friday of every month from 6-9 p.m., the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll, sponsored by the Salt Lake Gallery Association [] and its member galleries, provides a great way to meet artists and see art.

Artist Kenny Riches was born in Toyota City, Japan, and raised in Salt Lake City. He founded Kayo Gallery (177 E. Broadway) in 2004 and founded a custom picture framing shop, The Frameshop on Sixth and L, the same year. He started contemporary arts journal ArtSpeakSLC in 2005. As Riches is embarking on a move to New York City, he himself is an artist to watch.
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