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5 Spot

Karrie Galloway, director of Planned Parenthood of Utah

By Ashton Strait
 Karrie Galloway
Posted // July 12,2010 - Karrie Galloway is the director of Planned Parenthood of Utah. Its LEED-certified Orem clinic opened a year ago at 1086 N. 1200 West. The clinic is Planned Parenthood’s fastest growing in the state.

What impact has this new clinic had on the community?
It is a lot easier for people to get to. It is more desirable to be at. The client load has grown 18 percent since we opened the new health center a year ago; that’s larger than our state growth, and it’s working out wonderfully.

What do you think accounts for that 18 percent growth?
Nationally, we know through surveys that women are more concerned about being pregnant right now. Our client load is growing statewide, though not as high as in Utah Valley. Women are losing their health insurance. Women may not be in a good position to raise another child—even to birth another child—if they’ve lost their health insurance, and so women are paying closer attention to their contraception.

We also are seeing a change in our demographics, in that older women are coming to us in larger numbers, and I think it’s women who have been employed and have health insurance but have lost it or are more concerned about their jobs and can’t afford to get pregnant.

How has the role of Planned Parenthood evolved in the Utah community?
You know, we fight the same old battles in many respects, but our numbers have grown and our services have grown. People, I think, don’t hide the fact that they use contraception. Family planning is good public health, it strengthens our families and it provides healthier families. If families are planned, moms are healthier, physically and mentally, as well as babies. And so I think some of the stigma is gone, though every year the Legislature tries to put a lot of stigma on people in Utah—the fact that they’re sexual beings.

But we also believe in procreation, and if we’re going to procreate, we should probably do it in the healthiest manner possible. That’s what we’re all about: healthy moms and babies, and we care about the men, too. So, I think that more people realize that being happy about having Planned Parenthood in Utah is not a problem for them politically, religiously or socially.

What do you think is the most important reproductive-rights issue in Utah?
Preserving the rights. We had a very difficult legislative session this past year, and it took a nasty turn in that those people opposed to reproductive rights in general became punitive to women in general. I don’t deny that there are women who make bad choices and will continue to make bad choices, but if we pass laws based on those few bad choices, we’re not doing a good job as a society. And that is creeping into how Utah is approaching some of these conundrums that we have. That’s what scares me.

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Posted // July 20,2010 at 17:04

The second "Anonymous" comment is inaccurate. Where did you come up with the idea of only one abortion provider in SLC?? There are three clinics in Salt Lake City which perform abortions.

If you think Planned Parenthood doesn't support and guide women to abortion clinics, you are misguided and definitely misinformed.


Posted // July 14,2010 at 18:22

Health insurance is always a problem, though finding affordable health insurance in Utah is not hard if you goto

Most people have no idea where to go or buy this site lays it all out in an easy way to understand. No informatin is needed to get a quote just age and zipcode. Pretty cool. Very good article by the way many pionts to discuss but only have so many letters.


Posted // July 13,2010 at 12:14

The reason we need to have Planned Parenthood and the ACLU and the Sierra CLub, et al, is becaue we need common protections of freedom when balanced against the Neanderthal-Numbskull, Mormon, Republicans in our Legislature. Oh, and so good Mormons won't have to drive their pregnant, teenaged daughters to clinics in Wyoming any more.


Posted // July 12,2010 at 21:32

As long as I can blame all of Christinity for the words of a few stupid Christians, you'd have a point. Otherwise, you are just being petulant.