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News | Update: Inventor Paul Pantone’s battle to escape the Utah state asylum lurches once more into the unknown

By Stephen Dark
Posted // January 9,2008 -

hspace=3Utah State Hospital [USH] incarcerated inventor Paul Pantone had yet another hearing in a West Jordan court this afternoon before Judge Royal Hansen. What made today so intriguing was Hansen was set to rule on the fate of the motion by Pantone and his supporters for the judge to recuse himself from Pantone’s case. In the bizarre labyrinth history of Pantone’s battles with the USH documented in City Weekly’s cover feature, "Fuel-Injected Lunatic" last year, today’s events provided the unique brand of dark entertainment those who have followed the story have come to expect.


A manacled Pantone wheeled himself into court on an office chaira foot operation has left him unable to walk. He told the judge through his court-appointed public defender Karen Stamm that he wanted the recusal motion to go forward.


Hansen said he took all recusal motions seriously. Since this was signed by Pantone, whom the judge himself had previously deemed incompetent, it should be passed onto another judge to see if it has merit.


hspace=5This left Justin Heideman, the Provo lawyer Pantone’s supporters hired early last year to get the inventor out of the USH, more than a little pissed. The recusal motion had been handed to Hansen the day the judge was to rule on Heideman becoming Pantone’s lawyer. Now it looks like Pantone, who wants Heideman to continue to advise him, will have to accept a new public defender instead. Heideman says he’s owed nearly $15,000 by Pantone’s supporters. He will not work on the case anymore unless that money is forthcoming before the end of this month.


What all this adds up to is no end in sight as to how long Pantone will have to linger in the USH.


Heideman is convinced he could have got Pantone out if his supporters hadn’t shot him and the case in the foot with the recusal motion. He was ready to proceed with the appeal of Hansen’s ruling that the USH could forcibly medicate the inventor. Now that appeal, along with Pantone, hang in legal limbo.


After Hansen’s decision to pass on the recusal, Heideman saw the contents of a Christmas package the judge had received. It contained a lump of coal. The return address was the North Pole. Pantone’s supporters’ website had briefly run a radio ad advocating such a tactic.


"Unbelievable," Heideman muttered about the briquette as he gathered with the middle to late aged group of Pantone admirers in a conference room. He did not hide his anger or disbelief at the group’s antics. He told them the recusal motion was "at best spurious, at worst frivolous."


Several of the supporters cited their concerns about a conspiracy to deprive the world of Pantone’s invention. They have long argued Pantone invented a device which allows cars to run on very little gas, but that oil cartels, governments and wealthy Utahns have conspired to suppress or steal it.


An exasperated Heideman issued a challenge. He told the supporters to arrange a working model of Pantone’s water-fuelled engine. He would then inspect it. If it worked, he would arrange for his TV media contacts to film it for local news stations. Thus, assuming the device delivered, the world would learn that the man who could save us from pollution, global warming and rising gasoline prices was being held against his will in the state asylum.


Since the roots of Pantone’s legal battle to leave the USH stem from the state’s claims of delusions of grandeur over his invention, quite how the Pantone Defense Project responds to this challenge from what looks like to be their rapidly disappearing legal counsel remains to be seen.

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Posted // March 19,2011 at 00:08

I guess most of our greats-Ben Franklin for example would've been screwed!~Imagine what would've been Albert Einstein's predicament!~


Posted // September 28,2008 at 03:28 We must lock this man up and keep him locked up for the rest of his natural life, he is a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY, the security that perpetuates and infects our capitalistic free market. We must facilitate and justify the continued control and military agenda’s that have been foreseen by our most honorable Dwight D Eisenhower, he warned us of a MIC and the control they would have in conjunction with the world banks. This is the true threat to our children’s future and the constitution of the United States,(FASCISM) we all must come to the realization that intimidation, coercion, temptation and outright threats rule in Washington and if you are elected you go through an initiation just as you would joining a sorority in college. Play the game or your out. These puppets are cowards and have their own interests at hand, after all it’s other peoples money.nnAll I can say is we all have the power #1 to vote all incumbents out no matter what # 2 write your congressman or woman weekly, including the righteous Senate, and above all do not conform, seek alternatives to gasoline and act, by the way I am not a green guy or a PETA nut. Tell them you are watching and will vote them out if they do not change their self serving and deceptive ways .nnP.S THE U.S CONGRESSES MOTTO SHOULD BE FOR SALE B.O.


Posted // February 29,2008 at 08:50 The only consulation we have is that when global warming becomes irreversable.The sons of bitches who are putting down new technology such as this and hho and plasma .Will fry with the rest of us in the end.Free technology and save the world.


Posted // February 5,2008 at 13:02 If He takes this case to the US SUPREME COURT too not to the state or county or city he will win... I never heard a state hospital putting some to He is not crazy! We can sue that hospital or the state for doing this.....and forcing him to take medication that will mess his brain up. just for Depression syntoms?nTake it to the Supreme court and make sure they make a law so that any state has no more power to rule over his citizen(LAW SCHOOL) on this matter since it violates fundamental rights...freedom of expression..of choice..etc. This will prove freedom of speech, of human rights laws....been violated in that state and others as well....since the fundamental rights are in question by the is easy to get citizens to gether to bring this issue to the supreme court. nnAnyone can suit the state for the case against Pantone.........nfor violation of human rights under the supreme court protection but if we give up our constitution laws then the state will be protected not the citizens. ...He has the right not to take any medication and to invent whatever he wants.............and the right to move any where out of US or to another state.........nGod Bless