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Love Supreme Page 1

Joy & torment in letters from Allgier

By Stephen Dark
Posted // December 1,2011 -

On Maxine McNeeley’s 71st birthday, inmate Curtis Allgier sang her a love song he had written over the phone from the Salt Lake County lockup. “He’s got a good crooning voice,” she says.

Allgier, who faces a capital murder charge for the 2007 shooting death of corrections officer Stephen Anderson, and McNeeley had been exchanging weekly letters for several years. After her daughter Julia Wheelwright went to prison in 2007, McNeeley found herself in her own “solitary,” rarely leaving her low-income housing in Ogden. But such was her fascination with the now 32-year-old Allgier that she made a sometimes twice-weekly, six-hour round-trip trek by bus and TRAX to Salt Lake City to visit him in jail. She also attended his court hearings. “I looked forward to going down there, even on the coldest days,” she says. “I’m the darned pony express. Nothing deters me. He just became my joy.”

After her birthday, McNeeley sent Allgier a thank-you card. On the bottom of the card was printed, “You have put gladness in my heart,” taken from the Book of Psalms. “I really meant it,” she says.

A few days later, she received a letter from Allgier in which he raged at her for upsetting some of his female followers and for failing to do as he asked. In a postscript, he wrote, “Don’t send me Jew shit.” When she tipped the envelope upside down, dozens of pieces of her torn-up card tumbled out.

McNeeley says she is one of “the women in the shadows” who live on state assistance and whose lives have been scarred by the incarceration of those they love. Of her five children—three of whom she had with one man, two with another—four have been behind bars. Recently, 49-year-old Frannie Owens, who spent the past 24 years working the streets to fund her crack and heroin habit, served 30 days in Weber County Jail for a drug-related charge. Julia Wheelwright has served four years of a 15-year sentence in Utah State Prison for kidnapping her own daughter. Another daughter, Desiree, had just finished a months-long sentence of day-reporting to the Weber jail on a possession charge when the deeply troubled 30-year-old hanged herself on Nov. 17, 2010.

“It just bugs me that our daughters and sons and husbands and wives and loved ones can be put into a system where they are basically forgotten about,” McNeeley says. “Just because you go to prison doesn’t mean you’re a worthless human being.”


Desiree Wheelwright did not like Allgier. “Game knows game,” she’d tell her mother, meaning that one scam artist recognized another. McNeeley stubbornly refused to quit her contact with Allgier. “He is my hobby, so leave me alone,” she would tell family members who insisted she stop visiting a man one of them calls “a cold-blooded murderer.” Allgier is far more than a pastime to McNeeley. She believes “he’s worthy of forgiveness.”

An occasional stoner, McNeeley possesses a salty collection of street and jail slang any ex-con would admire. She sees beyond Allgier’s tattoos—the swastikas, Adolf Hitler’s face on his chest and the words “skinhead” and “property of Jolene” (his second ex-wife) on his forehead—to a man “who has a heart, who’s got a nice way to him.” Indeed, he gave her a new lease on life. She told Allgier, “I’ve been sitting on the shelf for 20 years, and you dusted me off.”

Allgier doesn’t trust the “Zionist media.” But in a number of letters in response to questions from City Weekly, the voluble neo-Nazi discussed not only his relationship with McNeeley, but also his beliefs, which mix National Socialism with a messianic self-perception. “The truth and the fact is, I’m an amazing man,” he writes. “My divine transformation from powerful Aryan man, to even more powerful Aryan God. Not in metaphorical, literal, very literally!”

Her relationship with Allgier is “the hardest thing to explain,” she says. “It’s almost like he’s all things to me. When he’s chastising me, it almost feels like your dad, and you cower. I’ve anguished over him something terrible.”


Allgier’s occasionally abusive letters reflect his intense dislike of people “swinging on his name,” as he told McNeeley. “I’m superior to all,” he ranted in one letter. “This is my world! I choose to allow motherfuckers to be in it. Ryde with me or collide with me! I don’t suggest the latter!”

But McNeeley’s passionate commitment to Allgier, for whom she ran countless errands to news media and lawyers, even complaining to Salt Lake County Jail Chief Rollin Cook about Allgier’s treatment in the jail, was severely tested by Allgier himself. After Wheelwright went to prison, he asked a female friend in prison to “stomp” her for speaking badly about him. He accused McNeeley of being a “race trader” for having children of mixed race and, in the wake of Desiree’s death, berated her in letters for not bending to his will, plunging her into an anxiety attack that left her bedridden for days.

But after the days of crying, of him having “dropped me to my knees,” she says, his rubbing her face in the tragedies of her own life has toughened her up. She quotes another inmate she corresponds with when she says, “Being down in the dirt hurts bad, but at least you know you’re alive.”

In the age of e-mail, Twitter and texting, McNeeley and Allgier’s story is, if nothing else, a testimony to the power of hand-written letters. “I don’t think he realizes how crushing his words can be,” she says. “He can reach right out from behind the bars and crush you to pieces.”

The Price of a Fix
When McNeeley opens a letter from Allgier addressed to Maxine, she knows she’s in for castigation. If it’s addressed to Lily White, she can expect more gentle fare. That’s a nickname she gave herself after getting to know Allgier. McNeeley grew up very poor in Ottawa, Ill., to what she terms “hillbilly parents.” Rich Jewish children would taunt her for her flour-sack clothing, and she’d retort, “You can kiss my lily-white ass.”

When McNeeley was 18, she fell in love with an LDS missionary who asked her to marry him after he finished his mission. McNeeley followed his instructions and took a prop plane to Salt Lake City. She worked for a phone company and stayed in the Beehive House for virtuous young women. But three weeks after she got there, the missionary wrote that the wedding was off. “He was my first love,” she says. “It took me a long while to get over him.”

The next year, McNeeley married Tom Owens, whom she met at a dance. They moved to California and had three children: James, Tammy and Frannie. After McNeeley left Owens in 1972, she struggled to find work and raise her increasingly troubled children. In their teens, at their mother’s request, James and Frannie moved to Hollywood to live with their wealthy father, while Tammy eventually moved to Pennsylvania and got married. James was in and out of prison until several severe beatings left him with brain damage, while Frannie spent seven years as a Hollywood street prostitute before moving to Ogden, where she has continued to turn tricks to buy drugs.

“Being a slave to heroin really gets old,” she says in a visiting booth via telephone in the Weber jail. “All you do is worry about getting money for your next fix.” McNeeley worries, on the other hand, that a large abscess on her daughter’s upper arm, where she injects heroin into the muscle, may result in Owens losing her limb.

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Posted // April 17,2012 at 15:16

This woman is being expoited for her money

Curtis Allgier needs to be put down like a dog

whats taking this trial so long to get started?


Posted // December 9,2011 at 15:29 Tattoo face is afriad the courts will cook his worttless ass in a big pot with some carrots and potatoes. ASking the judge to recuse himseklf becasue Tattoo Face insulted him is a joke.


Posted // December 4,2011 at 23:11 First and foremost, I would like to tell everyone that this woman is my grandmother. Secondly, I would like to tell you that we are not a family of racists. I, in fact, am gay and have dated several different races. My sister is currently in a relationship with a black guy. All of which my grandma, Maxine, have met and loved.
This article is a classic case of an amateur writer, who is trying to gain notoriety, but sadly writes for a lame ass free publication in the closed minded state of Utah. This "journalist" didn't bother taking the time to make sure his information was accurate. He clearly has no journalistic morals (or morals in general for that matter) and just threw together an article filled with juicy lies. This man not only glorified a Nazi killer, he exploited an old woman and her family. A family in which has had many hardships, including the recent suicide of my 30 year old aunt who had just lost her child.
My mother is Maxine's oldest daughter and as her child, I can attest that I have never even seen my mother drunk let alone using drugs. Because my mother didn't want to be involved with this article (because we want nothing to do with Nazi scum) the amateur "journalist" decided to throw together whatever information he could pull out of his ass and put it in this article.
This article is a classic case of the misuse and abuse of our media outlets today. The media is allowed to spin news however they may please. The more they "stir the pot" the more attention they may receive. It's too bad truth and morals have no place in the world anymore.

As for you "DUKE" .... you are insane and clearly have too much time on your hands. Get a life.


Posted // December 5,2011 at 09:39 - HGK, I was disappointed in the story angle because it does read like a tale of a kind of 'crazy' and vulnerable old woman and her dyfunctional family and the old woman has fallen in with a really disgusting criminal behind bars. The comments you read here is what happens when a story is told in this manner. So much of what has gone on with this story goes on with feeble-minded women of all ages all the time: they think they've 'fallen' for an aggressive criminal because they are submissive, forgiving, lost, bored, etc. and the criminal lies and influences and tells bullshit stories to make themselves sound both important, innocent and pathetic. And if you checked, you'd see that your grandmother has probably been sending him money she doesn't have to spend so that he can buy airport-priced commissary beef jerky and candy bars each week. She's being vicitmized by this asshole and that's what you read here in the comments that are hostile. I taek it you are helping to watch out for your grandmother, the way a family would when Granny has been ripped-off by door-to-door scammers and fake charities.


Posted // December 5,2011 at 09:04 - Dude, I think you saw several things in the article that aren't there at all. I could say a whole bunch of stuff related to your comments, but I'll only ask you one thing: What lies are you talking about?


Posted // December 2,2011 at 15:05 After reading this story, I suddenly support the death penalty. Hell, I wouldvolunteer to fire the shots into his heart.


Posted // December 22,2011 at 19:47 - Specifically to Salt Lake City Weekly, you should have a little more integrity and not give that pathetic Nazi any more attention. I really hesitated to write this, because the City Weekly and Maxine did not respect her kids wishes for privacy, but this article is really sickening! He’s a worm and should crawl into a corner and die. He thinks that people actually care about his stupid theories? This guy should be ignored by all the media, until they can announce his death. He is a pain in our system’s behind. To “Lily White”: how can a person who writes you words of hate, chastises you and is still looking for his true “Aryan” partner cause you joy? All the time you have apparently spent running “countless errands” for this lame you could have spent time visiting Julia. She’s worthy of your time. I was friends with Desi, and I think you disrespect her and you certainly disrespect your other kids with half-truths and things taken out of context! I know one of them and I know that they wanted nothing to do with your article, no matter how you tried to present as something else. City Weekly and Maxine/Lily : For manipulating, ignoring and insulting your family just to see your name and face in print next to a racist, nazi/ get a story (and a pathetic one at that) you come off pretty low….btw : Hatred Rascism Never equals Love!! PS…Have Some Respect For Yourself


Posted // December 2,2011 at 08:26 It is sad that this woman spends all this time,energy and money on this scum but no where does it say that she has done even close to the same for her children. they sound like they could use her love and concern also so.


Posted // December 2,2011 at 13:13 - Darn tootin', Bill. If anybody involved in this case should have a story written about them, it should be Mr. Anderson, with zilcho mentioned about Peckermouse.

Nazipuss has received plenty of print and much of it has revolved around predicted shock value (boost those readership numbers, if only temporarily), primarily because the dude looks like he fell asleep with a wet face on the pages of a poorly drawn Neo-Nazi comic. If he didn't look as stupid as he does, he would not get this kind of attention.

It means nothing to nobody other than Peckerposer that this lady dotes on him as she does and giving him this kind of attention, for no reason that I can see, only feeds his pathetic little ego.

Doing stories like this is a gift to the asshole in question, while providing nothing of value for the public. Although is has provided entertainment (don't think that was the intention) and, obviously, I have been more than willing to spend time writing about it. I'm silly that way.

That said, Mr. Dark is a very fine writer and I have enjoyed loads of his work. I just don't get why this was written in the first place. It's pointless. Had there been other examples of assholes in prison with fans from outer space, there may have been something to go on. Maybe. Taken from a psychological and behavioral viewpoint, an article like that may provide some insight into the minds of people that do this (write letters to and become obsessed with prison folk), and there are lots of people that do this.

My sister once thought she'd be kind and becomes penpals with some poor soul in prison. She writes this program and they hook her up with a woman spending quality time behind bars for murder, I think, and within a letter or two, all this woman wanted was money. Well, money and pussy, so you can't really blame her there. She was demanding, insulting, bossy, and just plain fucking weird. My sister decided it was less of an act of compassion she was performing and more an act of vile entertainment.


Posted // December 2,2011 at 12:08 - I have to say that I feel like Stephen Dark dragged us through the shit here to try to uncover some bizarre nugget of human interest. I read a story like this with one mental eye on my reaction to there being nothing about Steven Anderson, his family and colleagues and how thier lives have been altered permanently by this narcissistic piece of shit. And this story was never supposed be about balance or what's right and wrong, but to point out that one of the usual suspects/fame groupies in loving a dangerous con behind bars happens to be an old women from Ogden who appreantly checked out years ago.

And you're quite correct, Duke. Thei mother having mental issues or not providing decent parenting is not an excuse to live a totally fucked life yourself. I know plenty of adults who had terrible parents and they grew up to be relatively well-adjusted members of our community. However, if you are weak and manipulative, like most addicts, you're always looking for an excuse to fuck up and be a fuck up.


Posted // December 2,2011 at 08:40 - Actually, it did say somewhere in the article that, until she began devoting all her time to Naziwood, she was always available to her children; probably to their detriment as I am assuming she's been more of an enabler than anything, and I don't mean that in a cruel way - I'll bet her kids have thoughtlessly taken advantage of her any time it was convenient for them.

Also, her kids are all grown up. If they're busy playing loser, as seems to be the case, they no longer have the right to blame their mother or anybody else. Their life is their responsibility. Sometimes a parent's children do not grow up and mature until that parent is no longer available to them (dead, usually) - sometimes they never mature, no matter what. Sad and stupid but all too common.