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Sealed Fate Page 3

A burning in Ida Smith’s bosom leads her to Christopher Nemelka’s new spiritual order.

By Stephen Dark
Posted // January 26,2011 -

"Off the Record"
Shortly after Ida Smith’s conversion to the sealed portion, her brother Hyrum asked her if she would talk to LDS apostle Holland, whom she had known since the 1970s, about Nemelka. “Many ‘crazies’ have come and gone and the Church has kept silent on them,” Hyrum Smith noted in an e-mail. “I think that is wise, because they all die eventually of their own weight.”

On June 12, 2007, Ida called Holland, who told Ida their conversation had to be “off the record, […] Jeff to Ida.” This was for her, he said, “because I love ya.” He told her several times there could be no “bugging of telephones.” She agreed but recorded it anyway, not at Nemelka’s behest, she says, but to protect herself legally if it were ever to come down to her word against Holland’s.

NemelkaMemorial_otherside.jpg“This guy is a wacko,” Holland told her, “he’s just not in touch with reality.” While Holland agreed with her that it would be “wonderful” for the LDS faithful to receive the sealed two-thirds of the gold plates, it would not be coming from “somebody down at Joe’s Bar and Grill,” he told her. “If we really believe there’s an order and a priesthood in the church, it’s gonna come to the president of the church,” in the form of prophecy.

Holland wasn’t the only big gun her family rolled out. Longtime family friend Sen. Bennett asked her to read a book he had recently written about his journey to prove that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, Ida says. She in turn asked him to read the sealed portion. In a five-page letter dated Aug. 27, 2007, Bennett wrote, “I am convinced, beyond any reasonable doubt, that [Nemelka’s works] are forgeries.” Although the Book of Mormon celebrates that “Jesus is the Christ,” he noted, “Christopher’s central message is that a Christian church is unnecessary,” an interpretation Ida Smith agrees with. “Christopher is the person who has been called upon to give you real truth in the latter days, and is the only true messenger in the world today,” she says.

By the time Ida Smith had joined the ranks of those convinced, as Taggart says, that Nemelka has “the keys to unlock the mysteries of life,” Nemelka was mired in a series of legal battles largely of his own making. In 2007, following instructions, he says, from his immortal mentors, he filed 11 lawsuits, targeting past critics including Judge Lindberg, a psychologist, former plural wives and even several of his own siblings who had, he alleged, slandered him.

For one of the 11 lawsuits he filed, Nemelka used Smith’s recording of her conversation with Holland to source his claims he had been defamed by the LDS Church, apostles Holland and Smith’s cousin Ballard, Ida’s brothers, Hyrum and Denis, all of whom he named as defendants.

Friends No More
Nemelka filed a motion seeking a judge who was not LDS to hear his cases. Judge Paul Maughan, in a July 13, 2007 ruling—while noting that Nemelka’s motion to exclude LDS-member judges would disqualify “a substantial percentage of the 3rd District bench”—denied it. Several months later, after Maughan was assigned Nemelka’s lawsuit against the LDS Church, he recused himself, citing “personal and familial relationships” with one or more of the defendants.

When, on Nov. 2, 2007, 3rd District Court Judge Constandinos “Deno” Himonas heard initial pleadings from Nemelka, who represented himself, and the church’s lawyers, Himonas raised the allegation that Nemelka was a “deceiver” with regard to his claims he had translated the sealed portion.

“I could prove without a doubt to the court, to the jury that in fact I had that calling, just like Joseph Smith did, no difference,” Nemelka said. Taggart recalls she and other supporters in the courtroom, “held our breath, hoping the judge would say, ‘Yes, prove it to us,’ allow us to see how Chris would have proved that, have the record before us.” But they were disappointed. The court didn’t want to look at the issue, Nemelka said, and “I don’t want to go there.”

After just over an hour of legal arguments, Himonas abruptly ended Nemelka’s lawsuit, dismissing all charges against the defendants.

Ida Smith’s involvement with Nemelka’s lawsuit against the LDS Church cost her dearly. While she says her excommunication in 2008 did not trouble her, she wrote in her autobiography, “My family have isolated me and think I have been either deluded, deceived, or have lost my mind.”

She also lost a close-knit group of female friends she had had since the 1970s. In late August 2008, she received a letter from seven friends, all, according to Nemelka’s blog, senior and well-connected figures in the LDS Church, that stated, “We are aware you have made choices that prevent us as covenanted, Temple-recommend-holding members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from associating with you at this time.”

Smith says the letter, “made me smile. I wasn’t devastated. I felt so sure.” While she cried, she says, it was only for her friends. “They cut themselves off.”

In late 2009, Nemelka suffered a similar loss of support as Ida Smith did when, he says, his large, mostly devout Mormon family, turned their backs on him. This followed the death of Nemelka’s 19-year old nephew, Pfc. Aaron Nemelka, one of 13 gunned down by U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan in Fort Hood, Texas, on Nov. 5, 2009.

Christopher Nemelka gave several media interviews, which angered his family, his brother Joel says. Christopher Nemelka, however, says he had every right to inform the media that his nephew, who he claims was told by his family to either join the military or go on a LDS mission, “died a victim of his family, of his religion, of his country. I did not use that as the platform to publish Human Reality: Who We Are and Why We Exist.” The book, whose author Nemelka declines to divulge, came out around the time of Aaron’s death.

At Aaron Nemelka’s funeral, on Christopher Nemelka’s instruction, Taggart and several young male followers handed out a press release to the media, he says, “which strongly disagreed with the LDS Church’s involvement with my nephew’s funeral.” Someone from Nemelka’s group placed several of these releases on a table dedicated to Aaron Nemelka’s memory. One of Christopher Nemelka’s brothers “reamed him,” he says, in an e-mail demanding to know how he could have sanctioned such behavior.

Because of his stance on Aaron’s death, Christopher Nemelka says, “I’ve alienated my entire family, OK?” That’s a perspective his brother Joel agrees with. “He used his nephew’s death as a marketing tool,” he says.

An Empty Grave
Smith_NemelkaMemorial.jpgOn June 16, 2010, at 6 p.m., Ida Smith and a crowd of around 50 onlookers gathered in the Salt Lake City Cemetery in the lower Avenues, a few feet from the 18-foot obelisk dedicated to the memory of Hyrum Smith that looms over his family plot. They were attending the dedication of a gravestone recently placed on Ida Smith’s own burial plot, which she had donated to Nemelka.

Nemelka did not attend the dedication of the gravestone that proclaimed him as the reincarnation of Hyrum Smith, along with boasting two trademarked Websites inscribed in bright blue at the base of the plinth, which promote his work. He says the gravestone is not meant to mock. “It stands as a contrast to the falsehoods that the LDS Church has been giving the world for a long time, OK?”

Nemelka’s stand-in, his attorney Rodney J. Vessels, told the crowd that Ida Smith, “will be known in history, throughout all generations of time, as one of the greatest protectors and progenitors of her great, great grandfather’s true legacy. ”

The plot was not all she gave him. Nemelka is the executor of her will and her estate. Ida set up a trust, he says, called The Marvelous Work and Wonder Trust, to which she signed over all her assets. Others, he says, have also signed over their wills to Nemelka’s “work.” His message, he continues, “has freed” many people up. “It has given them a whole different view of life, and knowledge.”

Ida Smith’s generosity did not go unnoticed. In 2010, Nemelka says agents representing the Office of Recovery Services and in pursuit of allegedly between $40,000 and $50,000 the state says he owes in back child support, knocked on Ida’s door. They wanted to know why Ida had signed over her home to Nemelka’s wife, Sheri. Ida Smith says she told them to ask Nemelka and sent them away. Nemelka says the IRS has also investigated the Worldwide United Foundation, and, he says, “closed the case.”

According to a close friend of Ida Smith’s family, her family continues to hope she will one day, as Hyrum Smith e-mailed Ida in 2007, “discover that this is false and come away from it.” Kammerman took that path two years ago and says her life “is so much happier” now. When she dies and stands before her creator, she knows what she’ll do if she’s told Nemelka’s “work” was indeed, as she says he claims, the only way to find truth, peace and happiness, on the earth. “I’m going to call bullshit,” she says.

For now, Ida Smith stands at the center of Nemelka’s peculiar universe, her search for a spiritual truth she can embrace having led her to become a beacon for Nemelka’s message that the LDS Church is false. “This is real truth in your face,” she says about the gravestone. “Let the chips fall where they may.”


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Posted // April 14,2014 at 16:34 Normally, I try to respond intelligently to topics. In this case, aw, the hell with it. People have to be wacko to believe in this bullshit. Still, it's a little sad to see a fool and her money parted by someone who's playing a monumental joke on both Mormonism and the world. If nothing else, Nemelka illustrates one thing, scripture produced by people out of their own imagination prove that the prophet Joseph could not have devised the work that is the Book of Mormon. Nemelka has fallen far short. . . who's next?


Posted // March 22,2011 at 11:36

Wow! Chris Nemelka. Haven't heard or thought about this guy in many years. But then again, he wasn't using Nemelka as his last name back then.

Some history that all of you believers and non beleivers might find interesting. I met Chris at an LDS church dance. I got out of my car, he got out of his and sparks flew. I thought to myself--Geez--this guy is single? So handsome and engaging. We started to date. After 3 or 4 times seeing each other he began to open up about who he really was. After he told me these many things, I never wanted to see him again and told him so and didn't. After what he told me I felt as if I was in the presence of Satan himself. Strong words I know, but I cannot even explain how dark and ominous of a feeling it was.

Chris explained to me that he had been the body guard to the President of the LDS church. But was booted out for accessing areas of the church that only officials of the church were allowed into. And many other issues. He also said that he had taken some documents. He stated that he had in his possession the lost pages of the Book of Mormon and that the church had them all along but kept them hidden from the world. And that he was now translating them and he proudly professed to me that he single handedly wanted to bring the Church to it's knees. His words not mine. He then said he was practicing polygamy but his wives were not happy with what he was doing so the family was disbanding. I believe at this time he was 36 and said he had either 6 or 9 children with 3 women. I wasn't so concerned at listening to his marital escapades as I was the former statements.

His arrogance and blatant hypocrisy was chilling.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. After I told him that I did not want to be involved with him anymore, he said he understood. That his lifestyle wasn't for everybody and he didn't contact me again.

For a while after that, I thought about the unfortunate people that he would come in contact with that would believe him and his lies. I was very grateful for my intuition that he was a liar and deceiver from the second he opened his mouth to tell me about himself. Whether all he told me was a lie or the truth that day, I cannot ever shake the horrid feelings it gave me to my soul.

I will not read the literature by Chris and I will not read the newpaper articles. I have just resd some of these posings to get the jist of what has happened in the past 13 or so years. This is my experience and my truth. And very grateful that I never let this guy further into my life and that I had the comon sense to listen to my heart and mind.


Posted // February 15,2014 at 21:11 - So WHAT WAS THE NAME HE WAS USING WHEN HE DATED YOU? you did not say


Posted // February 9,2014 at 01:00 - I had not even heard of chris nemelka and i did not know who he was until i saw him on you tube. I saw a msrevelous work. and a wonder on you tube which caught my eye and i have by my own free agency on my own free will choose to listen to the marvelous work and a wonder and i have been listening to it every since. I dont agree with everything anyone says regardless who it is. i dont care who it is. I dont take anyones word what they say. nobody is infalliable and nobody is perfect and nobody is God literally. i dont care if its the roman catholic pope or thomas s monson or oral roberts or kenneth copeland or joel olsteen or witness lee or a pastor or reverand or priest or rabbi or guru or prophet seer or revelator or psychic i do not agree with everyrhing everyone says or speaks and that includes christopher nemelka. i have a mind of my own to use that the lord gave me to usr to think on my own and be a free thinker and come to my own conclusions and discernment and intuotion without anyone. else deciding for me. this also goes for any religion church and denomination including the lds church. i. do not agree and believe everything that the lds church teaches and speaks. i do not follow and agree with every single general church authority either. there is no perfect flawless errorless system of doctrine in any group. there is truth and error in everything in life and it is our responsibility to weed out and sort out whats true and false by the lords holy ghost giving us discernment. the spirit of truth is never monopolized by one group You cannot put the lord God in a box. God speaks to all nations and kindreds and tongues to all people in doctrine and covenants 91 the lord gave us understanding that there is truth and error in the apocrypha rhere is some things that are interpolitions of men and some things that are false and other things that are true in the apocrypha. this applies to other books of scripture that are not in the standard works. this would apply to the sealed portion as well. i. have read some things in the sealed portion that i did not agree with but then there are things that i. dont agree with iin the standard works of the church. on the other hand i will say this and that is i. do believe the book. of kormon does mention about the sealed portion. like ida smith says in her testimony you need to read the chapter 29 of isiah in the bible and compare it with the joseph smith inspired translation of the bible translated by joseph smith and read the added assertions that joseph smith added to. the prophecy of isiah 29 in the bible putting the prophecies of joseph smith sealed book. related to the sealed portions. ifpne already believes in the book. of mormon as the record of joseph to be one book in thine hand with the stick of judah the holy bible then there should be no proble m in believing in the sealed portion of the book of mormon the finale testament of jesus christ. in the book of lehi in the sealed portion chapter 1 it warns about tbose who would not believe in the lords work. and those who would be under condemnation for not believing in more of the lords words After all the holy bible and book. of mormon mentions all nations that Gods words are. why would the top general authorities who are top leaders of the church as apostles and prophets would ignore the sealed pirtion translated by christopher nemelka. since these leaders of the church are in touch with the lord as Gods servants then they should of recieved revelation ofrom the lord. why should the lds church or anyone in the church resist any truth regardless of the source so the sealed portion translated by christopher nemelka was not done by the church. who are we to put limits on Gods kingdom working only in the church. the lord works with all his sons and daughters of God ratther they are in the church or not. i do not take the newspaper articles very seriously about christipher nemelka and ida smith. i. do not as a individual need to have to agree about everything the crritics say about christopher nemelka and ida smith. i. can come to my own conclusions myself througj my mind and intuition. i prefer in. a world thats not perfect i. prefer to test all things believe in. all. things and. give a good praise worthy report in all good things that are virtuously and good and inspireing. everyone has to find their own journey souritually and the truth for themselves its easy to fall prey and get suckered into the compulsive behavior of saying thats false or thats,of the devil or there a chsrlaton or your decieved. When you get so obssessed into looking at whats only false in. something then. it becomes compulsive to the point one becomes blind about things that are really of of God. its ironic that the lds church leaders and somebof its members who criticize christopher nemrlka and ida smith are doing the same repeatedly thing that anti mormon critics and non mormon critics have said wbout joseph smith and brigjam young. the articles of faith mention God will reveal more. i do not believe in reincarnation at all. Chridtopher nemelka being the reincarnation of hyrum smith to me is a bit far. fetched Ig anything i believe christopher could have had the spirit of hyrum. smith to help. him along with joseph skith and the spirit of the lord to. translate the sealed portion . I. do. not believe christopher nemelka is hytim smuth. Thats just my opinion. Ida smith definitely is inspireing and i just love ida smith Ida smith is a wonerful women of God and her living testimony is very inspireing. i coulld feel the burning in thr bosom coming from. ida smith. the burning in the bosom is never limited to only members of the lds church. through out history the spirit of God has burnrd and born witness to other groups oitside the lds church Ida smith is not crazy and christopher nemelka is not crazy. those who are lds in the lds church that say christopher nemelka and ida smith are crazy or are tje aantichrist better look at mormons past history of ctitics that said josesph smith was delusional and crazy. the lds are dping some of the sane things about the lords marvelouswork and a wonder that the critics do about the church. their ctiticizing what. the lord can fo from the outside. everyone should come to their own conclusuons


Posted // March 22,2011 at 21:35 - SuzyQQQ, Do you recall the last name Christopher was using 13 or so years ago? An investigation is being conducted on this person. Any information is considered relevant, in lieu of this man's ability to prey on single women of the Church that he met a LDS Church dances. Please contact, and come as you are (anonymously)if you would rather.


Posted // March 10,2011 at 15:37



Posted // February 28,2011 at 07:44

Nemelka may be my new hero. He's better looking than Joseph Smith. Does anyone know if he has been bedding 14 year-old girls after promising their parents eternal life? Has he been sending missionaries out in the field and then taking their lonely wives as his own? Has he begun putting his closest confidants in some kind of new, magical underwear? Just asking. As far as I'm concerned, I think he's just proving that pretty much anybody can write a Book of Mormon. All it takes is imagination and the gift of gab.

I, too, used to believe in the Book of Mormon and once I was very protective of Joseph Smith. I would tell people, "You know what? I don't care that he had 34 wives. I don't care that a couple of them were underage, and that some were already to married men. He was the Prophet of God, dangit, and as such he could do whatever he wanted!" But I was an ass. Some people very close to me still routinely reads the BoM and believes in Smith, and they are very normal and intelligent people. Just goes to show you. The spirit of charlatanism is alive and well on the Earth, and one of its wellsprings is Salt Lake City.


Posted // February 1,2011 at 17:36

One of the many 'shots' that sealed the deal on this nonsensical rendition on scripture was when Chris Nemelka tried pawning it off on the LDS church, and he only wanted to consult them on church affairs behind the scenes - lol.

Second is how the book rights to his Human Reality Book rights are up for sell, just call his lawyer - RV. I mean how much really is it for sell for?

Third shot is beyond ALL the nonsense is what, a man who has been committed to a mental facility, has a silly amount of court dates (just go to a CORIS computer - any District Court house has one). And yet he WANTS respect from the government he defames, belief from the community he actively denounces, and money from all those who don't know any better - yes including you JJ & HUH. You met Timothy? or the other figments?

How about sitting with your leader next time he is doped up camping, on pot brownies and get out of him some better insights or real truth?

Chris H.


Posted // February 4,2011 at 14:37 - To Chris H. You wrote - "Chris Nemelka's CORIS summary sheet is available to anyone who would like a copy from me." We would like to take you up on that. Please send a copy at your earliest convenience to stoptheprophet @ Thank you.


Posted // February 4,2011 at 11:38 - Gee willikers John, how hard is it to spell her name right? You really missed the boat on prayer, all through the Book of Mormon is prayer, even by Jesus praying - and you think because you can't see him, he doesn't hear you, poor choice to change over to the sealed portion mission if this is the taught or understood belief there. Chris Nemelka's CORIS summary sheet is available to anyone who would like a copy from me, and yes John plenty of guilt and convictions - especially disturbing was the Unlawful material to a Minor - which was his X-rated book "Diary of a Player" which was given to his daughter - holy crap John! Would you give it out to your kids? And if Chris Nemelka says he gets to live above the law on the 'judge as you would be judged', I call more bull crap - He wants respect, have him show it first. And my favorite revelation from Chris Nemelka's blog the other day was his acceptance of his mission to be as bull sh-t, and he is fertilizing the vineyard before the harvest! lol This I would surmise would make you John Jerdon a type of fertilizer spreader, or a bearer of crap, maybe even a compost pile. Followers are endowed to spreading the crap of the man with horns himself - really Biblical sounding. Enjoy the work John, maybe get some vaccinations from Dr. Nate Davis, the upcoming server of crap - it might help you go spread further.


Posted // February 3,2011 at 10:22 - Vaugh:Wow! Someone who uses their real name. They hypocrisy within our society is sad. I find it odd that praying to an unseen god is perceived as perfectly normal, yet if one is seen talking to themself they are considered insane.Have you ever prayed or talked to yourself? Why doesn't society condemn parents who teach their children to believe in imaginary beings such as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc. Mental health professionals believe if you hear voices in your head your are insane. When you ponder on something do you not hear a "voice in your head"? I thought this great nation believed in the principle of being innocent until proven guilty. Christopher has many accuser but he has never been convicted of a crime. Once again, there is a lot to be said for judging not that you be not judged.


Posted // February 3,2011 at 09:28 - Jerdon: Interesting that LDS leaders from the past had mental problems. Now I see why people follow Nemelka! If Mormons had a prophet who was mentally ill, people who’ve left Mormonism for a higher truth should obviously follow someone even more mentally ill. Nemelka also comes with imaginary friends that outrank all, an intergalactic cell phone, and a criminal history to boot. Hell, that’s so much better.


Posted // February 2,2011 at 10:29 - Holy Crap John, if I wanted a college lecture on crap, I would visit the moron's blog. Yes prayer matters, whether in personal humility to God, or group devotion to the maker of this world. Once you like Nemelka loses that chain of command, you are damned to your own hell. If I needed a litmus test on where every member of the LDS church leadership has gone wrong, I will be sure to rattle your leash next time. But it is Chris Nemelka's spotty life that is written of in this article, you want Stephen to do an expose on LDS cover ups then present it to him. To me Chris Nemelka is the chosen one in the spot light, like I told Chris upon first meeting him -"what did you expect, no opposition to your so called chosen mission" I am standing up for what I was raised in, what my family believed in, and all that is wrong with Chris Nemelka! As far as dinner (or diner - your word) I still have my precious WUF card for redemption, but some how sitting with any one other than Nemelka himself is like talking to his kids (Similar to when I sat with John Lopez in the SLC Library - he didn't know crap about what I was after). I still have his dumb penguin card too. John you are as bright as your programming, and really its just recycled nonsense. And yes seeing Timothy would matter, if Timothy is spending WUF donations on his needs, it would and should matter to those who donate. You asked if I have met Jesus, not yet. Do I sense him - yes. Do I see the signs of him in life - everywhere. When my name - Christopher, wife & mother's names - Marianne, born on Easter, and amongst a list of other pretty cool similarities - Chris Nemelka's nonsense of being like the Son of Man - really seems far fetched. You want to grab a quick lunch, bring Nemelka, I'll do it. I am in town daily. Chris H


Posted // February 2,2011 at 00:07 - Let me start out by respecting your beliefs in having an opening prayer, so let me bless the brownies & the Prozac before I begin.: )What is non-sense to one is common sense to another but may we all be allowed to worship how, where, when, and what we may. My common sense survey tells me that an "enemy" would not stand up and defend me. So in loving memory of Ray Combs...let's "play" The Family Feud. When a book is down-loadable free on the Internet prior to hardbound copies being sold how much does it sell for? Suvey says:$0 Would an enemy allow me to post an opposing view on a website in which he controlled the content? Survey Says:No. Would an enemy give me equal opportunity in a face-to-face debate? Survey Says:No. Christopher has cleared up the anti-Mormon dispute as to whether Satanic Ritual Abuse takes place within LDS temples. Would an enemy of the LDS do that? Survey Says:No. Jan 4,1922 - From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Brigham H. Roberts presents a detailed summary of textual and historical problems in Book of Mormon to combined meeting of First Presidency, apostles, and Seventy's presidents. He recommends that these problems should be researched and publicly discussed. Christopher has answered the 5 Questions B.H. Roberts posed to the LDS General Authorities could not answer. Would an enemy of the LDS do that? Survey Says:No. Christopher has cleared up the conspiracy theories regarding the attacks of 911. Would an enemy of the state do that? Survey Says:No. The MWAW is about information not the messenger. It is not Christopher's work! It is the work within each of us as individuals. Along with TSP 18:38, one seeking a following would not put this in a book:"as a mortal, we cannot know for a surety that we are receiving the words of God, unless we hear them from His own mouth. And how can we hear them from His own mouth, unless we hear them with our own ears? And we did hear the words of the Father from His own mouth before we were placed in the confines of this earth. And we cannot hear the words of the Father presently, except it be from His own mouth in His kingdom wherein He resideth. But He hath given unto us the words of Jehovah, which are His own words.while they are in darkness, they shall hear his voice, but when they are in the light, or rather, when they have the Spirit, who is with them, because in them dwelleth light, then the Father speaketh unto them Himself.And in this way ye shall know if ye are in the darkness or in the light according to your works. For behold, if ye can only hear the words of Jesus and those whom he hath commissioned to teach you and preach repentance unto you, then ye shall know of a surety that your works are works of darkness, for in darkness ye shall be given their words.But if your works are righteous, or are in the light, then ye shall be given the mysteries of godliness by the voice of the Father." Once again, I express that MY experiences with this work have encouraged self-empowerment. As far as the question to whether I have met Timothy; have you ever met Jesus Christ. Is He a figment because one has not met Him in mortality? Survey Says:No. Can Timothy exist because I haven't met him? Survey Says:YES! Do I need to met him? Survey Says:No. As far as you considering admittance to a mental facility being a strike against someone I remind you condemn one of your own LDS prophet, seers and revelators:1909 - October at General Conference, Apostle George Albert Smith stops speaking after three minutes as he begins to "tremble and perspire." Apostle Reed Smoot had referred two weeks earlier to Smith's "mental trouble." Since January Smith's diary has described symptoms of his eventual collapse. At age thirty-nine he is first general authority whose debilitating mental problems cannot be attributed to senility. Hospitalized for ten weeks at Gray's Sanitarium in Salt Lake City, Smith does not recover from his emotional breakdown until 1913. Problem re-emerges in 1930's and in 1949-51. Jan 20,1949 - President George Albert Smith begins week's stay in California Lutheran Hospital for his "tired nerves," which his diary first refers to at Oct 1948 general conference. He is first LDS president with history of severe emotional illness and hospitalization. He does not recover from this episode until mid May 1949, when able to be in First Presidency office at least half day. Smith is absent from church headquarters 12 Jan to 27 Feb 1950 to stay at Laguna Beach, California, "to rest my nerves." He returns there to recuperate again for ten days in March. Year later his nurse notes that church president is "very confused, very nervous." Ten days before his death, nurse adds that George Albert Smith is "irrational at times." As far as being doped up, once again you condemn one of your own:Aug 26,1896 - Apostle Moses Thatcher begins treatment with Keeley Institute for his addiction to opium and morphine. First Presidency and apostles tolerated Thatcher as a "morphine fiend" and "opium eater", but on 26 July his family and friends considered involuntary commitment to treatment. His is most prominent drug addict in Mormon history. Twelve drop Thatcher from quorum membership on 19 Nov. because of four-year conflict over his insubordination in political matters, but Thatcher's drug addiction aggravates that conflict. Jan 10,1906 - First Council of Seventy instructs B.H.Roberts to go to Los Angeles for "recuperation from a weakness for liquor that had fastened itself upon him." It's not very fun when the shoe is on the other foot is it? It's not doing unto others as you would have them done unto you is it? Speaking of "shoes", I have been in yours but you have not been in mine. Considering Omni's description in the Book of Mormon of his behavior, one would think it strange he was able to gain possession of the plates. Maybe our expectations and God's expectations of acceptable behavior are different. So let's end this silly game of feud and judge not that we be not judged. How about a free diner at the Sizzler?


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