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Club Fed Events

Meditrina Tapas Tasting

By Club Fed Staff
Posted // November 30,2009 -

Monday, November 30,2009

Club Fed's inaugural event, held Monday evening, was a tapas and cheese tasting hosted by Meditrina Small Plates and Wine Bar and Beehive Cheese Company. Meditrina owners Jen Gilroy and Amy Britt served up an array of small plates ranging from patatas bravas to Drunken Oreos for about fifteen invitees who responded to Club Fed's Thanksgiving anecdote contest. You can read Club Fed members' comments about the Meditrina tasting below.

We'd also love to know your thoughts about Meditrina. Simply create a free City Weekly account if you haven't already and sign up for Club Fed to post your comments. Then, stay tuned for our next tasty event. The more you participate in Club Fed with comments and reviews, the better your chances of being invited to additional events!

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Posted // December 8,2009 at 12:37

We would like to thank all of those who joined us at Meditrina for the flagship ClubFed. We enjoyed hosting the event and appreciate all of the feedback we have received. We hope to see you all again soon!

Jen and Amy


Posted // December 3,2009 at 01:59

I attended the first ever Club Fed event the other night at Meditrina, a small plates; otherwise known as "Tapas" and wine bar located near the ballpark right off 1300 S. and West Temple. First impression of the restaraunt was that it was a small and cozy intimate setting, romantic and the staff was friendly and attentive. We tasted wines, several cheeses from Beehive Cheese company and then proceeded on to 4 other courses and a final dessert course. There were recommended wine pairings for each course offered in half glasses or full but I opted for a flight of heavier red wines. 3 1/2 glasses for $10. I enjoyed each of these 3 and they paired well with the food. I was already a fan of Beehive cheese and we had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the company and learning some facts about the business. I tried 2 cheeses I hadn't had before and one of my favorite cheeses,"barely buzzed". A must try for any cheese and wine gathering, I get mine at Harmon's who has an amazing cheese selection.

The food selections included "Patatas Bravas",grilled red potatoes with spicy tomato aioli, carmelized shallots and chili oil.

Bacon and Panko encrusted Pork Tenderloin, over a butter bean, turnip and corn puree with carmeled okra and pecans.

Mushrooms and Brie, served with crostinis.

Asian-marinated flank steak and chinese broccoli stack over garlic leek potatoes.

Drunken Oreos with Fendall's vanilla bean ice cream and port reduction.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the small menu and sizes. Small but creative and flavorful, distinct and pronounced.

I really did enjoy everything for the most part, but my favorite dish had to have been the Bacon and Panko Encrusted Pork Tenderloin, which is saying alot for me considering I am not a hug fan of pork in any form. Something about the different flavors and textures was just arousing to my taste buds.

A close second and full of flavor and spiciness was the Patatas Bravas, in which the chili oil had the starring role. I really do enjoy spice and flavor.

The mushroom Brie was said to be the signature dish of Meditrina but I was the least impressed with it. I love cheese and especially Brie, but something the mushrooms were marinated in turned me off a bit. Vinegary I guess? A balsamic? I'm not sure but was just not excited by its flavor.

The Asian marinated flank steak was good and I love chinese brocolli. Although this batch seemed a little less firm than what I prefer.

In conclusion, The drunkin Oreos had me interested from the first moment I saw it...Oreos....?...Port....? It was delicious, a simple Oreo cookie meets ice cream meets a punch of Port flavor. The Oreos soft and enveloped inthe flavor of the Port and mixing with the ice cream made a tasty little creation. Goes to show you, alcahol can be incorporated into almost anything eh?:)

Overall I had a lovely time. The people there were a friendly, diverse group, the food, in its small and powerful portions kept me interested and looking forward to more and the ambiance was pleasant and relaxed.

Thanks to Ted and the other City Weekly staffers, I enjoyed meeting you. To the owners and staff of Meditrina, thanks for having us and to the others in the tasting group, it was nice talking with you and I hope to see you again.


Posted // December 2,2009 at 17:11

I loved the chance to go to Meditrina and have great food with great company!

I agree with CD that the sea cheese from Beehive Cheese company was just amazing. However, what I most enjoyed was its after-taste. So distinctive... Such a pitty I can not have wine together with it due to alcohol intolerance. But still, wonderful to have it just plain.

A note regarding wine: one of our companions at the restaurant, sommelier at Donovan's steak house (Jim - I do not know his surname... Sorry Jim), told me that people are starting to pair food with tea! So, for alcohol intolerant people out there: great tip!

Some of my favorite tapas at Meditrina:

- Patatas bravas - the grilled potatoes had perfect consistency, not to mention the presentation, which was gorgeous. The spicy sauce together with the sweetness of the shallots complemented it beautifully.

- Mushrooms and brie - hum so yummy. Melted brie with caramelized mushrooms on top. We tried to get more information on the sauce, but that was a top secret. I loved the contrast of the sweet mushrooms, with the saltness of the cheese (it melted in my mouth).

I also liked very much te bacon and panko crusted por tenderloin, despite the fact of not liking okra. But the corn puree was a perfection, together with the tender meat with the crunchy panko on the outside.

I had an unforgetable experience that night. I am a fan of Meditrina now. Also, needless to say that I love Beehive Cheese!



Posted // December 1,2009 at 20:20

What better way to spend the evening than having great small plates of cheese from Beehive Cheese and Criminelli salami at Meditrina. The wine choice (Neil Ellis Pinotage) was delightful and full-bodied and complimented the wonderful pork and marinated flank steak served with Chinese broccoli. In fact, I went to the liquor store this afternoon to find the Pinotage, no luck, I guess I'll have to go to the wine store later this week.

Conversation with new people and the friendly servers made for a wonderful evening. Thank you City Weekly and Club Fed.

Dorothy Foy


Posted // December 1,2009 at 13:10

I went to the ClubFed event last night at Meditrina and was pleasantly stuffed. Some thoughts about what we ate...

Beehive Cheese Company: I really enjoyed the Sea Hive cheese which is made with an outer rub of locally produced honey and Redmond sea salt. It had a mild salty flavor but what I really liked was its texture.

Creminelli charcuterie: The salami by Creminelli was amazing. The thin cuts of cured meat were very rich, tender, moist, and flavorful - all in a single little bite.

Tapas provided by Meditrina: Overall, really nice. Some comments:

Bacon and panko crusted pork tenderloin – interesting idea but I couldn’t get into the caramelized okra. When okra is cooked for too long it has this texture reminiscent of snot…and I just can’t wrap my mouth around it. It just grosses me out. That said - the crust on the pork was very nice and the meat (although slightly overcooked) was flavorful; the sweet turnip and corn puree served with it was the highlight for me. Asian-marinated flank steak and Chinese broccoli – I liked this dish very much. The marinade on the steak was gingery and the meat itself was cooked perfectly, tender and velvety. The Chinese broccoli made for a nice contrast as it still had some bite and was slightly bitter. I didn’t even need the garlic mashed potatoes that was served alongside. Drunken oreos – oreos soaked in wine with vanilla ice cream over which a sweet port reduction is poured. One word: delicious.

The first ClubFed event was awesome. I met some really cool peeps, talked a bunch about food, and was well fed. I drank a little too. Is there anything better? -CD


Posted // December 3,2009 at 02:01 - I totally forgot to mention the salami in my review, it was delicious...even creamy in texture...I need to get some.