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Club Fed Events

Club Fed visits Lunaberry

By Club Fed Staff
Posted // August 4,2010 -

On July 31st Club Fed escaped the heat by visiting Lunaberry on 358 South 700 East. To kick off what turned out to be the perfect summer afternoon, Lunaberry owner YeeLing served up a three flavor yogurt sampler which included pistachio, original, and passion fruit. Afterwards, Club Fed members chose their favorite yogurt and topping combo and chilled out while YeeLing explained the process of making the perfect crepe.

Yeeling had Club Fed members experiment with a common internet crepe recipe so that members could see what differentiates Lunaberry from the competition. The difference being Lunaberry’s crepes are noticeably more flavorful and also have a more pleasing texture. Everyone was able to experiment with making their own crepes, and we also discovered that a couple of Club Fed members actually had natural crepe making skills.

After learning to make crepes, Club Fed left it up to the professionals and sampled Lunaberry’s Mango Chicken and Veggie Delight savory crepes. For dessert, everyone enjoyed their own personal Nutty Nutella Crepe with strawberries and almonds, as well as a sampler of yogurt smoothies.

Everything at Lunaberry was truly was fresh and delicious, and Club Fed would like to extend a big thank you to our awesome hostess YeeLing!

If you attended this Club Fed event, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment on this article.

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Posted // August 18,2010 at 15:02

This event was a feast! So much fun to learn how to make crepes. I forgot the name of the little paddle we use to spread the batter on the grill, but they even gave us one at the end of the event. Now, I have no excuses for not trying to make them myself at home. However, I know that probably it will not be as tasty as the one in Lunaberry, which has its TOP secret recipe. The dough is so crispy and yummy. My favorite savory crepe was the turkey strawberry. Yes, it sounds strange, but the combination really works perfectly. Indeed, it might have been my favorite crepe ever (even considering we had the nutella crepe for desert and considering that I am a nutella lover).

Their frozen yogurt and smoothies are very refreshing. That day was so hot, definitely it was a treat. It is for sure a place to go back. Thank you club fed for the opportunity to go and thank you people from Lunaberry. I had lots of fun and lots of yummy food!