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Club Fed

Win VIP Tickets to Anthony Bourdain

By Club Fed Staff
Posted // June 3,2010 -

Club Fed is giving away two VIP tickets to Anthony Bourdain Live at Abravanel Hall, Saturday, June 19 -- two seats for the show and a backstage "meet and greet" session with Tony.

To enter the Bourdain ticket contest, simply sign up for Club Fed (directions below) and answer the following question by posting a comment to the Bourdain article. We'll decide which answer is the most interesting and that person will be the winner. Please be sure to include a functioning email address so we can contact you. The contest will close at midnight on Monday, June 14.

Please respond to the following question:

What is the most interesting and/or exotic thing you've ever eaten?

Good luck!

If you have already set up a profile, all you have to do is log in and click My Profile and select "Club Fed" in the Club Categories. Make sure you select what you would be interested in and maybe give us new ideas.

If you haven't signed up for a profile, you should! The Sign Up Page is quick and easy to use and gets you access to everything that is Club Fed and more!

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Posted // June 15,2010 at 00:02

I went to Marrakech, Morocco after graduating from university and ordered chicken tangine. This was my first experience with tangine so I was unsure of what the taste on my palate should be. Interesting yes, the spices phenomenal, though the exotice part was the aftereffects of the meal. Did I mention I ordered the chicken? That's right, food poisoning was the exotic part of this indulgence. For two days after the tempting tangine, I was blessed with shaking, cold/hot sweats in the middle of June in Africa. Interesting and exotic.


Posted // June 14,2010 at 15:00

I have eaten Coconut Crab in Surabaya, Indonesia.


Posted // June 13,2010 at 14:00

The most exotic thing I've ever eaten was Menudo. I was invited to a Mexican friend's family barbecue and couldn't resist delicious home made traditional dishes. For the most part the dishes were incredible and things I was familiar with, tacos with roughy every part of a pig involved, homemade tamales (just stupid good), roughly 4 million different salsas, etc....

The one thing that I was most excited about was the traditional Menudo soup. I had heard about it but never eaten it and couldn't have been happier. The cow's intestine was delicious, although the texture is certainly a little mushy, the flavor is incredible. The cow's feet were absolutely delicious and the broth was spicy and herby and just an incredible shade of dark red. While the soup was fantastic, the highlight of the meal was the laughter from the family as this gringo was going back for seconds while attempting to show appreciation for the meal in horrifically broken Spanish.


Posted // June 13,2010 at 12:31

I'm still kind of an exotic-tasting-food virgin, sadly, but I'm remedying that. To date, and it's embarrassing to admit, probably the most exotic thing I've eaten thus far would be raw fish, which I know, pathetic...


Posted // June 11,2010 at 11:17

When I was 19 I killed a rattlesnake in Southern Utah, skinned it, breaded and fried it.. Its really tough but tastes great. I ate pig brains on Thanksgiving and they were like fluffy, velvety clouds of pork lovin!

I must say first that I would be absolutely thrilled to win the VIP tickets for this show, I have a food blog @ which focuses on cooking at home with fresh, seasonal local produce and ingredients.

I have been unemployed for about 2 months now and am giving self-employment a try, and am really excited for new opportunites! I would love to write an article about the concert and experience.

Thank you,

Mark Benson


Posted // June 11,2010 at 11:20 - My email is for the above comment, thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!