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Food & Drink

Jasoh Rabbit Dinner

Rabbit: The other other red meat

By Austen Diamond
Posted // September 20,2011 - When asked to remember his favorite rabbit dish, Jasoh chef Nathan Scheatzle’s eyes light up. It’s a white-wine-braised rabbit with watercress salad and white-bean ice cream, which sounds sumptuous enough to remove all childhood bunny nostalgia.

The Easter Bunny, Bugs Bunny and Peter Rabbit might explain Americans’ aversion to the delicious red meat. There isn’t a million-dollar ad campaign proclaiming, “Rabbit: The other other red meat.” But elsewhere—namely Europe—people love the dish.

Jasoh owner Shana Hess was first introduced to the fare in Italy. She was talking about this during brunch with several chefs and winemakers earlier this year, and they pondered why it’s a rarity stateside. “It is such a prevalent animal that’s easy to breed, and there are even rabbit farms in Utah. Plus, it is delicious. But you really don’t see it on menus here,” Hess says.

Two Dog Wine owner Dee Erickson raved about his culinary prowess with rabbit and challenged Scheatzle to a friendly cook-off. Scheatzle wasn’t there, but Hess agreed on his behalf, and the first Throwdown in O-Town was born.

Each chef will prepare a rabbit dish that will be judged in equal parts by a panel and by dinner guests. The meal includes the two chef-prepared rabbit dishes accompanied by two Jasoh prepared courses—butternut-squash soup with vanilla chantilly cream to start and a seasonal cheesecake to finish. Each chef will also suggest a drink pairing.

Hess hopes more throwdowns will follow, which would feature other chefs and different, exotic meats that might change the way you look at the cute animals you loved in childhood.

195 25th St., Ogden
Wednesday, Sept. 28, 7 p.m.

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Posted // September 20,2011 at 10:12 Calling chantilly cream "vanilla chantilly cream" is redundant.

I'm throwing in a rabbit dish to compete, prepared like so: Rabbit, lightly smoked (cherry wood), seared (in pork fat) and then braised (french oven) in brown chicken stock with some white wine, fresh sage, rosemary, savory, onion brulee, charred fennel and fresh celeriac.

Strain braising liquid. Add liquid to some dark roux and then reduce over low heat with some brandy, a little more white wine, a small amount of cointreau and a few dried, sour cherries. Strain when reduced by about one-third or when thickened enough to coat the back of a metal spoon. Adjust seasoning. Keep warm, adding a good knob of unsalted butter to sauce just before service.

Poach a variety of grapes, small yellow pear tomatoes and dried, smoked morrels in quality olive oil. Gently drain well when tender. Reserve flavored oil and use it later.

Prepare creamy polenta made with more brown chicken stock and heavy cream, and then blended, just before service, with a good, sharp, white cheddar (yep).

Plate polenta. Sauce polenta. Shred rabbit meat and arrange atop polenta. Arrange grape/tomato/shroom garnish atop meat and around plate. Further garnish with fried sage if this dish doesn't seem pretentious enough. Eat with toast points and buckets of wine. Finish evening with plenty of whisky and a cigar. Wake up in the morning wishing you hadn't drank so much.


Posted // September 27,2011 at 10:57 - Mmm... sounds good; however, I ate the food at Jasoh's and I don't know that you can compete.