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Local Health Foods

Healthy Treats & drinks made in Utah

By Austen Diamond
Posted // July 6,2011 -

During summer playtime, when the gettin’s just too good to stop for a full lunch, we reach for handy energy snacks. But “natural” bars and electrolyte-replacement drinks can be laden with weird ingredients and reconstituted corn byproducts. And what’s with all this goo-paste, anyway? Thankfully, some local companies don’t sacrifice taste and simple, whole-food ingredients for the amount of pick-me-up.

Pro Bar ( outgrew its original Park City home, so the company moved to Salt Lake City in 2009. Now, it offers three product lines: original whole-food meal-replacement Pro Bar; superfood snack bars Fruition; and a brand new line of healthy “candy” bars, Halo. All are vegan and blended rather than baked for nutrient retainment. A Pro Bar boasts 15 whole foods—which are not processed, pureed or isolate forms of the ingredients—loads of energy-sustaining, quality fats and nearly 400 calories, which actually works as a meal replacement. Try Whole Berry Blast, Superfood Slam and Cocoa Pistachio.

Spencer Taylor’s love for “hot mush” is what launched his Provo-based Rokit Fuel ( into the biz. The original product—a hot-cereal cup—is dense enough for endurance athletes and tasty enough to satisfy nearly anyone else. For a quick lift, try the recently launched Booster Bars. Delicious dark chocolate covers two of the four varieties—which hard-working athletes deserve—and they are all packed with whole grains, fruits and nuts. Rokit Fuel also offers various energy mixes; try the Stud Muffin, if for nothing else than the name.

Wash it all down with tasty, low-sugar electrolyte replacements from Ogden-based Trace Minerals Research ( Sure, water is good, but enhanced beverages provide rapid hydration, decrease muscle cramping and increase endurance. Trace’s Electrolyte Stamina product packs electrolytes and 1,200 mg. of vitamin C and is available in tablet form, in two super-concentrated liquids—Endure and 40,000 Volts—and in “fizzing” drink tablets.

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