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5 Spot

Xavier Lang and The Undie Run

By Austen Diamond
Posted // September 13,2010 -

At the inaugural Undie Run, hosted by Utah Uncensored, let it all hang out ... er, in—but just barely. On Sunday, Sept. 19 at 9 a.m., people will strip off their clothes—down to their underwear, although no thongs or nudity are permitted—and run one-and-a-half miles along 300 West. The clothes that are shed will be donated to charity. It starts and ends at Trails Gentlemen’s Club Downtown and is free. Event coordinator and libido liberator Xavier Lang, 40, discusses everything underwear, except the cliched, “Boxers or briefs?”

You tried this last May at the U but it never happened?
This event is typically sponsored by colleges; UCLA, University of Texas and other big schools do it. There’s monitors to ensure people are dressed modestly ... well, as much as you can be in underwear.

We tried to get it on campus. Understandably, there’s rules and regulations, but there were so many hoops to jump through. At its basic level, it’s just a fundraiser. So, we’ve gone elsewhere. There’s still rules, like keeping it under 50 people—I think—or we’ll need permits. If there’s more, maybe we’ll have several runs throughout the day. If it’s successful, we’ll hope to step it up to a larger scale later.

Streaking for charity?
Everybody takes old clothes to Deseret Industries. This is just more fun and helps Utah’s large homeless population. Plus, it’s great exercise.

Any reasons beyond charity?
Any time there’s extreme conservatism it demands the exact opposite. There are people here from other places that aren’t conservative. Utah Uncensored is an outlet. Still, for others, it’s outside the box, giving them an opportunity to be free. For colleges, it’s usually set-up as a break right before finals.

There’s a pre-run glam-up session?
People want to decorate their outfits, so we’re hosting it at the South Shore Sports Bar [2827 S. State, 801-484-6499, Saturday, Sept. 18, 8 p.m.]. We’re bringing lots of glue guns, sequins and other stuff and have some drinks. It really only depends on everybody’s creativity what they’ll come up with. One guy wants to get airbrushed; I’m curious how that turns out. Also, people can do it by walking, skateboarding, biking, whatever, and decorate those, too.

Sequins ... Mankinis ... Waxing ... Any other advice?
The only thing we don’t want is nudity, no teabags, thongs, that sort of thing. We want it fun but clean. The last thing we want is to get anyone in trouble.

After the run at 10 a.m., what do a bunch of barely-clothed people do?
Get in their car and go home. (laughs) We’re thinking about going to breakfast afterwards, but I’m sure IHOP doesn’t want a bunch of people coming in their underwear.

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Posted // September 9,2011 at 07:58 Isn't the 19th a Monday? Not a Sunday?


Posted // September 9,2011 at 09:18 - This is an article from last year, Jamie.


Posted // September 14,2010 at 11:48

No teabags, eh?


Posted // September 14,2010 at 14:15 - Ya that is supposed to be T-Backs, but I guess that these guys thought it more appropriate to go with Teabags...I know that we all think that is funny, I know that I do! LOL


Posted // September 14,2010 at 08:51

The only question I have is that whenever I have discussed the donation question with Deseret Industries, they have emphasized that they only want WASHED clothing items. If you take it off and hand it to the charity, will they accept it as-is?


Posted // September 14,2010 at 10:33 - Having worked in a thrift store--and been a very loyal customer to many--I can tell you that's it's industry standard to do little more than a sniff test. If it smells laundered, it goes on the rack. If not, it probably gets thrown out; not washed. It's the customer's responsibility to wash the garment is s/he wants. However, I've been purchasing 95 percent of my clothes from thrift retailers for about a decade, I rarely wash before wearing, and I've never had a problem (I also follow the sniff test).


Posted // September 14,2010 at 09:15 - You haven't been to the Salvation Army store have you? They do not require it to be washed, and also go the extra step of not washing it before it's sold.