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City Weekly Beer Festival

Saturday Sept. 11 @ City & County Building

By Austen Diamond
Posted // September 9,2010 -

Writing and imbibing are linked throughout modern literature and journalism. Hemingway loved mojitos; Faulkner, mint juleps; Fitzgerald, gin; Kerouac, anything; Tom Robbins celebrated the golden, bubbly concoction of Bohemia. With such historical connection between words and drink, it’s no surprise that a newspaper would host a beer festival.

While most beer tastings venture from lightest to darkest—dew drop to motor oil—that’ll be difficult with 40 beers to choose from. There’ll be tough decisions like: “Should you go from a porter to a saison?” or “What’s the optimal time to break for a snack?” and “What’s the perfect pairing for your tacos?” Ah, life is hard when you’re having such a good time. Luckily, there’s five hours of mouth joy at 3 ounces a pop. Three ounces is plenty to experience a brew, and it encourages responsible drinking.

Loads of Utah breweries will be dishing out their classics, seasonal selections, award-winners and full-strength brews. Check out Epic, Squatters, Wasatch, Four , Rooster’s, Desert Edge and more (Read the  Drink article). There’ll be live entertainment to cleanse your palate with between tastes from each brewery. The Futurists, Wasnatch and the Samuel Smith Band join 2010 City Weekly Music Awards winners Spell Talk for musical accompaniment to your sampling. A portion of the event proceeds will be donated to Local First. And, when it’s over, there are only 364 days until you’ll again see the City & County Building in such a sudsy state.

City Weekly Beer Festival @ City & County Building, 451 S. State, Sept. 11, 1-6 p.m., $25 advance/$35 day of.

Click here to buy tickets online or find a brew pub that's selling them.

Below, a preview of the festival produced by Utah's Fox13

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Posted // September 12,2010 at 16:06

I tried every beer. I was on a mission and I succeded. Could have been better but it was the first one so cut city weekly a break. If you only drank one beer then you are lazy.


Posted // September 12,2010 at 12:32

I unfortunately attended this event. I was one of the last people to make it in before they sold out (at about 2:30) and I now wish I wouldn't have made it in. I understand and support the idea of this festival, and believe we need more like them in Utah, so I was willing to pay the price. I'm not young and broke, I have a decent job as does my wife, so I considered the $35 dollars to be charity, somewhate steep but worth it to help support a cause I believe in (standardized and rational drinking laws in Utah). I did not go there looking to get drunk, but since I am relatively new to Utah, I was genuinely hoping to sample some local beers I have missed out on since moving here 2 years ago. This was not the case though. I had assumed (wrongly) that each brewery would have its own tent, rather than all under one tent. When getting into a line, I had no idea which brewery it was heading towards, and after waiting 45 minutes to get my first 3oz pour of beer, I lost all confidence. I knew that I would only be able to sample, at the very best, 10 beers before the event closed, so I called it a loss and left. Apparently I was not alone. I want to support this sort of thing, but if there is a second annual one, I would be very hesistant to attend without some reassurance that the problems of this years' event have been corrected. I'm sure we will be told there were some good reasons for the manner in which this travesty occured (city regulations, liquor licenses, etc) but none of these change the fact that the whole thing was a poorly thought out, mismanaged abortion of a beer festival. It has managed to turn off a true believer and supporter (a responsibly-drinking one with an expendable income at that).


Posted // September 11,2010 at 22:52

To all who left the festival early all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. The only time it was long lines was for about an hour when everybody got here at the same time, before and after there were lines but it was way smoother, nd we never waited more than 20 minutes after that and we always had a beer in our hand. We stayed the whole time and had a great time and so did thousands of other people. Maybe you wanted to just get drunk or maybe your crybabies. next time buy a six pack and stay home. For the first time, this was great. Please stay home next year, please, please.


Posted // September 13,2010 at 09:45 - I'm just going to go out of state of my beerfests from now on. There I can actually get beer.


Posted // September 12,2010 at 06:19 - Yes - next year I WILL buy a six pack and stay home. When I go to a beerfest, YES I want a GD beer. That's why they call it beerfest. Otherwise don't advertise it that way. By the way - even 20 minutes for one 3 oz beer is too long.


Posted // September 11,2010 at 21:02

Worst Event Ever! Way too few servers, long lines, very poorly organized


Posted // September 11,2010 at 20:02

I'm waiting to see the City Weekly post an appology

for this epic failure of a Beerfest.