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Poetry Slam Finals

Monday, March 29

By Austen Diamond
Posted // March 24,2010 -

At a lone mic in a dimly lit room a wordsmith, with candor and cadence, creates a linguistic fog enrapting an audience, pulling them into the poet’s subterranean emotional world—but for only three minutes at a time, in three rounds, and judged by randomly selected audience members. Such is the way of a poetry slam.

Utah’s slam scene has increased in size and ranking since first competing nationally in 2004. The slam season culminates every March with the top 10 poets—as per point rankings since the previous September—vying for five spots to represent Utah at the National Poetry Slam, to be held this year in St. Paul, Minn.

Despite the competition, slamming is mostly an opportunity, unlike the solitary effort that goes into the written word, to verbally connect with listeners, expressing feelings others couldn’t put words to. Performance poetry is a vessel for artistic expression, along with, of course, wordsorcery. So, help send off our best, artists who bring life and light to this human experience.

Poetry Slam Finals @ Mo’s Grill, 358 S. West Temple, 801-359-0586, March 29, 8 p.m.

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