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Anti-affirmative action, TSA Protest & Federal $$

By Josh Loftin
Photo by Transportation Security Administration // Woman being body scanned
Posted // November 17,2010 - SAD.jpgAffirming Nothing
Utah legislators are once again looking at a state constitutional amendment that would prohibit any special treatment because of a person’s gender, ethnicity or race. This amendment failed last year, but the sponsor, Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield, and other supporters are confident that more conservative Republicans in the Legislature will help push it through this year. This amendment is a direct shot at affirmative action, albeit a misguided one. For one thing, it would contradict many federal programs, meaning that minorities in Utah could lose access to federal money for college or small businesses. On a broader scale, it would be one more black eye for the state in a year when the anti-minority rhetoric is going to be fierce because of the immigration debate.

SMILEY.jpgProper Channels
U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, has been a vocal critic of the full-body scanners used by the Transportation Security Agency, but he is not supporting a Thanksgiving Eve protest in airports. A grass-roots effort is urging people to refuse to use the scanners while traveling on what is always the busiest and most stressful day of the year for airports. Instead, Chaffetz is urging people to take the issue to Congress, where their protests would actually make a difference. In this case, Chaffetz is right. For opponents of the full-body scans, a protest on Thanksgiving Eve will only frustrate TSA employees and fellow travelers and end up hurting their cause a lot more than helping it.

SAD.jpgNot-So-Special Session
The federal government offered Utah $101 million in funding for education this summer. State leaders fully anticipated accepting it, but they were also knee-deep in an election season where the Republican base was angry at everything federal. What to do? Easy—accept the money immediately after elections, which is what Gov. Gary Herbert and the Legislature are doing by calling a special session on Nov. 17. That way, voters won’t be able to punish anyone at the polls this year, and they will have forgotten about it by the next election cycle.

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Posted // November 18,2010 at 13:02

"Affirming Nothing" Not True, the constitutional ammendment would only apply to State Dollars and programs. Federal programs or state programs that are funded by Federal dollars are exempt.


Posted // November 17,2010 at 14:43

This is something I'd never thought I'd say. Rep. Chaffetz is CORRECT! If you hate this, protest to your congressperson and Senators. If I were flying home next week and the protests prevented me from making my flight, some of you would be headed to the hospital and I would be headed to jail! BTW, Terminal 2 at SLC International has had a full-body scanner for at least one and a half years, where have you protesters been before now?

Yes, the TSA IS overbearing. But it could be worse. Has anyone out there flown the Israeli state airline, El Al?


Posted // November 17,2010 at 10:26 Nov 24 is national “I OPT OUT” day in airports across the US to protest the TSA nude image machines and public groping of private parts including mothers, grandparents, children, babies, and you! Get your Anti-TSA t-shirt today: *No one should need to see you naked to fly *No one should be exposed to excessive x-rays without a medical reason *Violating your right to privacy and to not be searched without probable cause or warrant. *These machines can not detect explosives, and haven't been proven to making flying anymore secure. * Tell everyone, file complaints, get heard and don't give in. Fight for your rights! also a national petition is getting organized and will be launched soon at: Stop TSA now!


Posted // November 19,2010 at 13:47 - Just wear a kilt and no underwear. When they pat you down, giggle nervously and then start moaning like you're having sex. When they are through, ask for a "happy ending" and what time their shift is over. And be sure to tip them a buck.


Posted // November 17,2010 at 08:56

Under "Affirming Nothing," Mr. Loftin writes: "For one thing, it would contradict many federal programs, meaning that minorities in Utah could lose access to federal money for college or small businesses." Not true. There is a specific proviso that exempts programs required for federal funding. Also, this bill is not "anti-minority" -- it is anti-discrimination and anti-preferential treatment on the basis of race, ethnicity, or sex in state and local contracting, employment, and education programs. Sometimes these preferences hurt whites, sometimes blacks, sometimes Latinos, sometimes Asians, sometimes Native Americans. But whomever they hurt, such discrimination is wrong.