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Holladay Bias, Green Homes, 9th & 9th Market

By Josh Loftin
Posted // September 8,2010 -

SAD.jpgBias Now
Holladay may be the next city to adopt anti-bias ordinances, and judging by the comments made by one city council member, the protections are needed. In a recent work session, City Councilman Barry Topham said that he opposes the ordinances because property owners should be able to choose who can, and cannot, rent from them. “I think you should be able to discriminate if you don’t want a cross-dresser living in your house,” Topham said, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. He added that he doesn’t think the city should be debating the issue because there are bigger problems and the anti-bias proposals are a “can of worms.” In Topham’s case, those worms are LGBT neighbors.

SMILEY.jpgSmart Homes
A group of construction and government officials who advise the state on building codes is set to recommend rules that would make new homes significantly more energy efficient. Members of the Uniform Building Code Commission, who are appointed by the governor, have studied the issue of energy efficiency for two years. Their proposed rules would require all new homes to have at least 50 percent high-efficiency lighting, higher insulation ratings and a third-party review of the home’s efficiency. Already, the commission is getting pushback from homebuilders—one of the more powerful lobbying groups at the Legislature—because the standards would make homes more expensive. And, after all, the only thing that matters in the energy debate is the short-term cost.

SAD.jpgMarket Woes
The 9th & 9th Business District has canceled its farmers market, announcing on its Facebook page that the support for it wasn’t there. “After months of trying to create a 9th & 9th Market, we have come to the difficult conclusion that there doesn’t seem to be much of a market to embrace our market.” The market was on Thursday evenings, and the competition with other activities—such as the Twilight Concert series—may have reduced interest, especially with other farmers markets around the city on other days. But the 9th & 9th market was a walkable option for nearby residents, and the relatively small crowds made for more relaxed shopping. Since many people complain that the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday can become too congested, it’s too bad that smaller markets like this couldn’t alleviate some demand. Maybe next year.

Josh Loftin:

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Posted // October 27,2010 at 19:54

I live in the 9th and 9th area and this is the first time I have heard there was a market here. I would suggest not much of an effort was made to make it successful. Maybe next year get someone new in charge.


Posted // September 9,2010 at 08:16

Actually, the 9th and 9th market was held on Wednesday evenings, not Thursdays, so the Twilight Series, for example was not a reason for it not being as well attended as the organizers would have liked.


Posted // September 8,2010 at 14:06

I think people like Barry Topham need to be more open minded and compassionate. Don't judge others by their looks, but rather what is inside. The gay people I know are kind, gentle and wouldn't hurt anyone! Maybe you should get to know some, you will definately change your opinion.


Posted // September 8,2010 at 12:17

I wish I had known there was a market on Thursdays at 9th and 9th. Maybe they should do a little more promotion.


Posted // September 8,2010 at 10:43

I live in Holladay and thanks to the quick response from Councilman Barry Topham, I have become aware of a problem with cross-dressers in tony Holladay!

I don't know why Republicans always manage to create the most specious arguments to try to make their points. Men marrying horses from Tea Bagger JD Hayworth, men marrying farm animals from Bill O'Reilly, etc. They seem to be consumed worrying about the most unlikely of scenarios.

Now, it's crossdressers renting in Holladay!?!?As I wondered about Hayworth's experience screwing horses or O'Reilly's fascination with gay marriage leading to all sorts of bizarre, heretofore unknown behaviors, this one sneaked up on me.

Thanks, Barry! I will now eyeball the pharmacist at Walgreen's and the waitress at Sharon's Cafe with a new suspicion.