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Matheson Money, UHP Retreats & Toxic Mayor

By Josh Loftin
Posted // July 28,2010 -

SAD.jpgSpare a Dime
Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, continues to campaign with open hands, begging for money from anybody who will give it to him. On July 26, he said would not return the $1,000
to him by BP. He also said he has spent money given to him by Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., who is facing a slew of ethics charges, ranging from tax evasion to Caribbean junkets paid for by lobbyists. The following day, Matheson attended a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., hosted by the Interstate National Gas Association that raised thousands of dollars from energy companies. Oh, by the way, Matheson sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and his district includes Eastern Utah, one of the prime drilling areas in the country. Move along, people. No conflicts to see here.

SMILEY.jpgBorder Runners
After a highly successful
undercover operation
in Evanston, Wyo., that netted a total of 14 Utahns smuggling fireworks and booze back into the state, the Utah Highway Patrol has decided to stop sending agents to sit, in unmarked cars, in the parking lots of stores in another state. A UHP spokesman told KSL-TV that the operation was suspended because of the few resulting arrests, although the outcry from Evanston officials and business owners also played a significant role in the decision. Now, UHP officers will focus their enforcement on the Utah side of the border. Drive slowly, bootleggers.

SAD.jpgToxic Pitch
Utah politicians have become increasingly cozy with EnergySolutions, with many of them now openly accepting donations that they used to downplay and crowing about the company in policy debates. On July 26, however, West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder took his ES love a step farther by starring in a
full-page ad
in Salt Lake City’s daily newspapers. In the ad, he describes ES as “Utah’s most misunderstood company,” as if the company were doing something besides storing loads of nuclear waste less than an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City. It’s worth noting that Winder has received campaign contributions from ES and he also owns a marketing company that works with ES, but it’s really not surprising.

Josh Loftin:

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Posted // October 3,2010 at 21:11

So let me see if I understand BlackMambas comments right. Herrod wants to take land away from the Feds (us) and give it to the State (us) and this is bad because the State (us) would not be as good of stewarts of the land but the Feds (us) would be. Whew! I'm glad you straightened us out on how bad the Feds (us) are over the state (us). Glad you cleared up all the confusion.


Posted // July 29,2010 at 07:34

I would like to see Morgan Philpot replace Rep. Jim Matheson.

Matheson has been sitting on the fence.

Matheson voted to change the rules so Obamacare would pass, then voted against it, and then said he wouldn’t vote to repeal it.

Matheson has raised the debt level at least twice and seems to want to give more of Utah's land away to the feds.

5 terms from Matheson is enough. I am hoping Morgan Philpot win


Posted // July 29,2010 at 10:31 - Think what you are saying, dammit! The Feds own 60% OF THE LAND IN UTAH. They aren't "grabbing it," they aren't "taking it away," they aren't receiving it as a gift from a Congressperson. You get it? And since "WE" are the feds, "WE" own 60% of Utah's lands. Not private ranchers grazing on Fed land, not coal companies, not tar-sands Don Quixotes, not the retarded adults in Kanab, not 4-wheeling recreational associations; just us. It worries me that people like you truly believe this crap from the right. If you want to look at land grabs, look at HB 143, sponsored by Utah Rep. Herrod, which would authorize the state of Utah to take land from teh Feds...yes, us. That's the bill that was funded by our Deliverance Legislature to the tune of $3 million, knowing that it's going to fail in any kind of reasonable legal challenge.