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Rant Control

Obama’s Hope and Change

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // October 14,2009 - Ten months into a new administration and there’s not much to show besides increased unemployment and a giant budget deficit. President Obama’s defenders keep saying, “just give him time.”

Zachary Olpin, commenting on on a letter to the editor critical of Obama (“Checkmating Obama,” Oct. 8, City Weekly), put it this way: “Things are definitely taking him longer than he expected. Why? Because people like you are hanging him up. So maybe you should stop, so he can take care of things.”

Sorry, Zach, but Obama’s most stunning shortcoming is his inability to shepherd a Democratic Congress. That’s not the fault of conservative critics.

His problem is his complacent supporters, who are so impressed with qualities he has that George W. Bush lacked—vocabulary, diction, and pigmentation—that they’re fearful that any political demonstration will appear anti-Obama.

Political demonstrations have an impact on the debate in Washington. If they didn’t, then corporations—who are close enough to the sausage grinder to know how it actually works—wouldn’t spend millions on “astroturf” and its equivalents. Who’s been louder in 2009? Tea Baggers, or advocates for single-payer health care?

So, Zachary, if things aren’t going the way you like, it’s not a letter to the editor to blame.

Rant Control says it’s Obama himself and, perhaps, his listless, liberal supporters.

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Posted // October 19,2009 at 13:09

I respectfully wedge my opinion into this silliness. Jesse, whether you like it or not, it has only been 10 months, with guys like you lobbing your poop against the wall and screeching,"Are we there yet?"''

Depending on whom you ask, it took us about 8 years to blast America out of its orbit and onto a collision course with the sun.

I'm willing to give the guy enough time to actually think about something before he acts, a huge breath of fresh air compared to the hair-trigger knucklehead and his handlers who ran up the tab before Obama set foot in the door.

The best retort to Obama's critics that I heard last week was from Obama himself who said he doesn't take kindly to his critics telling him that he's holding the mop incorrectly.

As far as Democrats gumming up the works, tell me again how many Republican votes have there been cast on anything connected to this man? Oh, that's right. One! And she's a senator from a state that has less than 2% of the country's population. When you can report that the traitors who call themselves Congessional Republicans have stopped putting their party politics ahead of what's good for the American people, we'll be getting somewhere.

And, Jesse, if you really believe the only difference between GW and Obama is vocabulary, diction and pigmentation, you weren't paying attention when GW reigned. Obama was a fucking Constitutional scholar and Harvard. And he wasn't there because of his father's connections. He is one of the best examples of Affirmative Action working that we have ever had.

Hayduke, I love you man, but Americans are forced to buy insurance now. Meet my auto insurance agent.


Posted // October 26,2009 at 16:56 - "People are so desperate for that change we were promised that they aren't looking at the way things actually are unfolding." I couldn't agree more, Hayduke. I, too, will eat my words joyfully if an Obama administration brings real change to this country (universal health care; balanced budgets; stiffer, more progressive taxes; better commitment to public education, including reforms to higher education spending/funding; etc. etc. etc.) I just think Obama can only do what we force him to do. His own personal predilections are fairly meaningless in the gargantuan D.C. machine. To have real power to bring real change, he needs to lead a movement of people who demand change. He can't do it on his own, which is what he's had to/tried to do the last 10 months while progressives sat on the sidelines watching. Why isn't he marshaling progressives into the streets? Or is he trying and it's failing? I stand by the claim that we will have only cosmetic "change" unless people who support Obama are motivated, agitated, demonstrating and demanding.


Posted // October 20,2009 at 14:54 - Love you, too, Mamba! You are right about that insurance thing. Most certainly. Car insurance is compulsory. My concern with President Obama is the fact that he has already gone back on so many promises he made before the election, including health insurance. The list of things that Obama said he would do or would not do that he has already contradicted is what makes me nervous. What makes me more nervous (scared, actually) is the cult of personality he has built about his person. People are so desperate for that change we were promised that they aren't looking at the way things actually are unfolding. My fear is that once people catch on to the fact that they aren't going to see those promises come to fruition, that, perhaps the opposite will occur, it'll be too late to reverse the damage. Everything is there in plain sight to scrutinize; all I want is for Americans to be aware of what is occurring. I'm not one of those anti-socialist folk, or anything like that. It's just hard to keep the faith when I know for a fact that I've already been lied to. I wanted that change, too, man. I really, really did. I just don't see it. Time will tell and I hope I'm forced to come back here and eat my words, which I will do happily if given the opportunity. I hope I'm wrong about this man. I hope that he isn't just another puppet for the financiers. (Sorry about cramming this all together! some days the paragraphs stick, some days they don't)


Posted // October 14,2009 at 15:25

Damn straight. Obama has no intention of changing anything in corporate DC, and, even with a Democratic Congress, he doesn't appear to have the power, either. I'll be very interested to hear the excuses in a couple year's time. That whole, "just give it time" thing won't apply anymore. By then, we'll be even more fucked than we are now. Just wait until Americans are legally forced to buy insurance - that'll go over well. Just a tad different from what we were promised, ain't it?

Obama fans better hope the Repugs don't find themselves a good looking candidate for 2012.