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Rant Control

Whipple the Rookie

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // September 16,2009 -

Letter-writer Matt—who did not include a last name—“had to seriously question City Weekly’s journalistic integrity” because we featured newcomer gay-rights activist Jacob Whipple on the cover of our Sept. 3 issue (see “We’re Here, We’re Queer, And...”). Matt writes that he would prefer a profile of a more veteran activist in Salt Lake City’s queer community and nominated several worthy individuals.

One individual Matt nominated—Will Carlson of Equality Utah—was quoted in the Whipple article and has been featured in our pages several times previously. Missy Bird, of Planned Parenthood Action Council, another of Matt’s nominees, was last featured in June for her push for comprehensive sex education. A third nominee, Troy Williams, received a 2009 Arty award Sept. 10 from City Weekly for co-authoring the screenplay to The Passion of Sister Dottie S. Dixon. Our coverage of these veteran activists is, shall we say, well-documented.

Matt writes that these other activists are “quietly fighting on the front lines.” Williams, Bird and Carlson fight quietly? Rant Control can hardly think of a loudermouthed group, which probably contributes to their successes as activists.

Whipple’s story is a tale in which a young man realizes he can’t change society overnight—even if his first foray into activism was the largest demonstration in Utah queer history. Whipple’s success illustrates what each person can do to contribute to societal change if they have the guts to try, something most can relate to.

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