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Rant Control

Squabble in Saratoga Springs

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // March 9,2011 - Saratoga Springs residents who complain of overzealous cops are trying anew to oust their justice court judge, Keith Stoney, because of complaints that he’s unfair. Not all residents have bought their claims however, and the dispute spilled onto City Weekly’s comments [see “Neighborhood Watched,” March 3, City Weekly].

“What an unfortunate story,” wrote Brandon. “As a resident of Saratoga Springs for over a decade now, I can tell you this much: No one is running scared from the police besides the ones with something to run for.”

No to Stoney said that misses the point. “The issue we are having is not the warrant for failure to appear. The issue is that [City Prosecutor] Lindsay Jarvis will send fully armed SWAT to your house without a search warrant.”

Brandon, stating a subject in the story should have been aware of his probation-review court date, was still not sympathetic.

“Everyone is so concerned about their rights but no one seems to care about consequences,” Brandon wrote.

Undetterred, No to Stoney wrote that supporters of Stoney are avoiding the issues.

“Notice how they don’t say that their actions were OK,” No to Stoney wrote. “Instead, they call you names.”

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Posted // March 28,2011 at 09:03

Oh, settle... I love that we only mention how I call names... Nothing anyone else has said about me or anyone I know was real uplifting. Hahaha, once again my dear friends, I am still only writing on behalf of Saratoga. I grew up here. Im sorry if I hurt any of your feelings though! :D


Posted // April 14,2011 at 10:09 - Brittany you lied to hide your identity. The officers in the SSPD are raising their kids to be just like them. What's that old saying "shit runs down hill"


Posted // March 18,2011 at 20:56

Interestingly enough, "Brandon" ultimately was revealed to be Britney
Champagne, daughter of Det. Bruce Champagne. Anyone see anything wrong
with this picture?


Posted // March 11,2011 at 01:39

who is this Brandon? let me tell you something I have nothing to run from and neither does my family so you better have your facts straighjt before you go opening your mouth. We are saying what everyone is thinking.One day you,your child,friend, neighboor, sibilings etc..are going to have a issue with their civil rights and your going to be looking for help and support be careful whos toes you step on...