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Blaming D-Will

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // February 23,2011 - Many blamed Utah Jazz point guard Deron Williams for the abrupt and mysterious departure of longtime Jazz coach Jerry Sloan [see “Hard Foul,” Feb. 16,]. But others are reserving judgment and blaming the media.

“The first thing I heard reported ... was that Williams was upset because people might think he had something to do with this, and he never intended for Sloan to resign,” wrote BlackMamba. “Rather, I guess, he intended for Sloan to keep getting kicked in the back and just take it like a man.”

Jazz Fan called for some team loyalty with the familiar refrain, “With fans like you, who needs enemies?”

That was seconded by Major Mojo, who wrote, “Somebody is trying to boost their own stock with this ‘story’ and it’s not D-Will. [It’s] needlessly harsh and speculative.”

BlackMamba responded, “Let me apologize to you two for backing my opinion with references to local sports professionals who have been reporting this. What I should have done, in the face of such obvious inside knowledge and wisdom, is ask you two, big, proud, all-knowing Jazz fans, why did he abruptly resign, then? How about you fill in the blank you just created? Or is this the part where you disappear?”

BlackMamba got no further response.

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Posted // February 23,2011 at 17:07

It is pretty obvious now that the reason Sloan left was that he was told that management was planning to trade Williams. All this talk about Sloan v. Williams turns out to have been the opposite of reality. Ha, ha, Mamba.


Posted // February 25,2011 at 20:28 - Now that was a pretty stupid comment! Sloan left because he felt we would lose DWill? He couldn't get rid of him fast enough and the Jazz lost both in the process.