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Glock Block

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // January 26,2011 - Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s claim that he will carry a gun in public in Utah after the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords gave left writer and former Army infantryman John Rasmuson plenty to criticize [see “Glock Talk,” Jan. 18, City Weekly]. Readers were passionately in support of, or opposed to, the criticism.

“What gun owner would fire any weapon at an assailant with no concern for the bystanders and people behind the perp?” asked wygent.

It was clear, however, that Rasmuson thinks Chaffetz—or any other minimally trained, gun-toting neophyte—might be the type to do that.

Joe Puente says Chaffetz will carry a gun for the same reason he sponsors much of his legislation: because Chaffetz is a “coward,” fearful of minorities and homosexuals as much as would-be assassins.

Like wyagent, Inspector Detector criticized Rasmuson and other commenters’ knowledge of firearm trivia—is a Browning M1911 best called a “Browning .45” or a “Nineteen eleven,” for example? “You are obviously a liberal gun-hater,” Inspector Detector concluded.

“I challenge you to a shoot-off at any range,” BlackMamba wrote. “And I’ll use .38 Special rounds. They’re interchangeable with .357 Magnum rounds, but you probably already knew that, right? Liberal gun-haters. … what a joke.”

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Posted // January 27,2011 at 08:23

I want one of our resident gun fetishists to explain what might have happened if more people were packing heat in Tucson? Are they seriously saying that things would have turned out differently? Loughner had a 30-shot clip and 14 seconds to do what he did. Rep. Giffords could have been wearing a dynamite vest or carrying a low-yield nuclear device and it wouldn't have done any good. Like panicked civilians pulling out pistols and shooting at whoever they THINK the perp is, only innocent bystanders would be hit.