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Police Shooting Questioned

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // December 15,2010 - An outpouring of commentary came after Stephen Dark investigated a police shooting of an unarmed man by South Jordan police officers (see “Shoot First,” Dec. 8, Some commenters—including loved ones of the deceased—wrote that the cops’ actions were murderous, but not everyone agreed.

“While I think it is sad that this man’s life ended this way, I am not surprised,” wrote Hayduke. “This man was a career criminal, a burglar.” Hayduke added that Wade Pennington was parked in a retail parking lot in the middle of the night when he drove away from police, which made him “fully responsible.”

That view, though shared by David and BlackMamba, was in the minority, surrounded by dozens of comments from cop critics and Pennington supporters.

“Even if he had burglarized a business, that would have been no justification for shooting him,” wrote Buh Bye Lohra.

“There are laws out there for everyone’’s protection, including the bad guys,” wrote Dennis. “If you flee from an officer, they cannot shoot you because of that.”

“I believe that there are some good cops out there, but these officers involved in this shooting were very negligent in their actions,” wrote candice boggs. “Any good cop should be behind this family 100 percent searching for justice, not just trying to cover it up!”

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Posted // December 16,2010 at 09:31

Jesse, I know you've only got a certain amount of space for this column, but I feel my opinion has been a bit oversimplified here considering the amount of thought and words I put into the related blog.

I'm sure that trying to squeeze a subject like this into a few words is very difficult but if the quote above is all that I got across, then I failed and have wasted my time as well as that of others.

I sure as hell do not think that anybody should be shot for simply parking in a retail lot at night and then running from police.


Posted // December 21,2010 at 18:44 - Nice Duke....the problem is you do not want to see the truth no matter how many times you are told. The money statement is rediculous...but it is the only way to get the attention of the entities involved. They can keep all the money from the law suit if they would bring murder charges against the officer. I know we cannot help you see where all the problems with this case are even though some have tried. You basically want to see him getting shot, so do we because it would prove that he was climbing out of his vehicle complying with the only officer that he could hear. Remember he could not hear the cop sitting in his patrol with his window rolled and siren blasting that shot him, but he could hear the cop telling him to get out and get on the ground. If you go back and watch the video look at the camera from shooting officer and tell me why it only shows the right half of his car, and there is no time or date on camera? Just something to think about. If it was so justified why do you think that they blocked the other half of the video so you could not see him climbing out of his window and not lunging. If he was lunging don't you think they would have left it there for evidence to exhaunerat the officer? The video is as much about what is not there as what is there. Why would they erase video????? And just so you know any statement that I have made I have not made up, I have spent countless hours reviewing video, autopsy photos, and all the intertnal interigations of all involved. I have no reason to make stuff up, that will not benefit anyone, especially Wade. I wish I had another avenue to help you see what we have seen but I don't until the trial. That is if it goes to trial.


Posted // December 21,2010 at 12:36 - Mamba, you've verbalized something that I've often struggled with as a pet peeve and there's nothing I can do about it. I am very much the type, if there is such a "type", that will call an asshole in life an asshole in death. That goes for anybody, including my own family members. It's not a function of cruelty, I am not cruel. I am as compassionate as I am pragmatic. I suppose it is a combination of fear - that you'll die one day, too, and would have everybody speak to how wonderful and terrific you were, even if you weren't - and forced/false respect for all dead people - which I do not entertain as we're all gonna croak it/I respect those dead that were respected in life for being good people, for contributing instead of taking, for helping instead of hurting - that prompts people to say how great a person was in life whether they were great or not. I don't do that and don't apologize for not doing so. This story was just another one that I should have stayed out of, man, though we did generate far more debate and posts than would have occurred otherwise. I often find that my views do not match those of the masses, left or right or anything else, and I am forced to look at things as logically as possible, which often has nothing to do with emotion. If my logic is flawed, I am open to having it corrected - that did not occur with this story. Most people were arguing emotion on the related blog, when they weren't insulting people or making things up, whereas I was looking at facts (what few facts there were), motives, lies told by both sides, the acts the deceased repeatedly performed in life which speaks to his character and worth, and the fact that the family is seeking money from the system, lots of money, and not justice. And here I'll state that I've erased another paragraph or two because, by golly, I'd sure hate to further insult anybody with the truth.


Posted // December 21,2010 at 10:20 - I've heard the conspiracy theories, that the cops knew who he was and went after him as a target. I just need a motive why, out of all the known, really criminal sunnzabitches that need to die, they picked him, a relative small timer. And Hayduke, you hit on something here. You and I can't know what this feels like from the inside. It's not just the tragedy of losing a family member at play here. There is a grief in this story from the family that comes about from witnessing someone they loved wasting a perfectly good life before he could joy it without constantly looking over his shoulder. The greiving thing is an odd bit of human behavior. Only in death to some become what we wished for them in life. An acquaintance from the 70's died last week directly from the circumstances of the life he's lived all these years. Drugs, alcohol, petty crime, hurting other people. In death, he became a great guy, Facebook outpourings of old photos and sentiments and grief. In life, he was total jerk-off who would steal a dollar out of your pocket if you weren't watching every move. Beat up girlfriends, ex-wives, stole anything that wasn't nailed down and then, he would just grab a crowbar. But you would not recognize him from the rememberances, comments and photos. One of the guys who's in funeral photos and behind FB stories and recollections was calling me drunk every night blathering on and on about what a jerk and criminal this guy was and how much pain and embarassment he thoughtlessly caused everyone who got near him. But in death, he became an angel.


Posted // December 21,2010 at 09:46 - Should have been a period rather than a question mark at the end of "payday". Wouldn't want to confuse you.


Posted // December 20,2010 at 15:35 - I haven't contradicted anything. My view was too complicated, too gray, to bother with and I should have left the blog for Pennington's family and friends to say how great and wonderful this man was even though all he did was burglarize businesses and steal from people. Apparently, we differ on our views as to what makes a great and wonderful man. But that's neither here nor there. I got into it because I saw people (Pennington's family and friends) behaving like a lynch mob, stating that these officers murdered this man intentionally for revenge. I thought that was bullshit. It is bullshit. I didn't state that he should have been shot, and I didn't state he shouldn't have. I'm not positive because I cannot see what he was doing when he was shot. But judging by the fact that the bullets seem to have hit him square in the chest and abdomen, I'm thinking he was coming out of that window all on his own, as well as disobeying orders, which is why he was shot, which is likely justifiable as far as applicable laws go. Did the cops need to shoot him? Absolutely need to? Probably not. Did he give them reason to shoot him? Yeah, from what I've seen and can deduce, I completely think he did. I think he got himself shot and I do not blame the police. Is that clear enough? Now, if you want to argue that the police shouldn't have chased him in the first place, well, that's a different matter. But the fact is that he was caught getting ready, for the zillionth time, to do what he did best and he ran. The fact is that the police did chase him. The fact is that he was driving aggressively and dangerously, putting other people at risk. The fact is he did tap a cop car and then totally hit another, which gave the officers the excuse, the legal reason they needed to continue with the chase. But who cares what I think or say? Somebody else will want to see the proof I requested, the proof that others deem so silly, in order to justify this million dollar payday? Go ahead, guess who that might be.


Posted // December 20,2010 at 09:29 - Hayduke, according to your last paragraph here you contradict yourself with previous related blogs! Are you coming to the realization that this was in fact an unjustified shooting by a polioce officer?