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Fancy Food

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // October 13,2010 - Food critic Ted Scheffler’s glowing review of The Metropolitan, which has served “at times very good and at other times very, very good” food over its 15 years, attracted mixed comments. Scheffler described Metro’s new menu as “brimming with” comfort food, which raised a hackle.

“I know it must be rough trying to review really good, pricey restaurants that are probably out of the realm of possibility for most of your readers,” wrote online commenter BlackMamba. “Braised buffalo ribs is probably very American, but comfort food? … Let’s see, I’m wealthy and hungry. I need some comfort food. Will it be pot roast and potatoes at a truck stop? … Naw, I’m going to buy bison ribs at The Metropolitan for $30 with tax. That will make me feel much better!”

Charlie3 also said Scheffler was being too kind, calling the Metro “foolishly prententious,” but others agreed with Scheffler.

“Very nice review and a great place to eat!” wrote M Provost.

Maybe the problem isn’t the restaurant, but Utahns themselves?

“These negative comments validate the lack of class so many Utans have,” wrote Me. “But then again, what do we expect? It’s par for the course. If people don’t know how to dress properly for an evening out on the town, why would they know how to enjoy a fantastic meal?”

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