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Rant Control

Trooper Steed’s Bad Deeds

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // September 14,2010 - Overwhelmingly negative comments directed at the Utah Highway Patrol’s star trooper Lisa Steed poured in after our recent cover story revealed why she is both revered by officials for her record-breaking DUI arrest tally and reviled by many in the public who accuse her of violations [see “Super Trooper,” Sept. 9, City Weekly].

Many qualified their remarks by saying they oppose drunken driving—who doesn’t?—but said means are as important as ends in DUI enforcement.

“Troopers like Steed are partly responsible for guilty people getting off, due to her disregard for civil liberties and her abuse of authority,” wrote Jasonj.

“UHP has created the perfect environment for patrolman to push the limits and even break the rules in order to succeed,” wrote cmpr, complaining about quotas.

Dave wrote that he knows troopers who refer to Steed as “the numbers queen.” JasonHolt asked readers to send an e-mail to to join a campaign to have Steed formally reprimanded, which UHP has not done.

What surprised Rant Control was the dearth of commenters making the claim that the ends—DUI arrests—really do justify Steed’s questionable means. Was Dark’s piece so persuasive that even the anti-alcohol zealots found it hard to defend her? That might seem hard to believe, but after watching the video in which Steed tases a peaceful suspect after two minutes of talking to him, it seems even the maddest of MADD might agree that Steed’s methods cross the line.

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Posted // November 16,2010 at 06:32

Lisa Stead is a bad cop and should not have a badge! and if it were not for her filling the wheel barrell full of money for the dept. of public Safety and Michael Waddoups so called sen. she would not have one. I filed a complaint with internal affairs in January way before your article came out. my report included how she taunts her victims and lied on her official police report. she has no respect for the constitution and after talking with several other police officers I found she is known as the metabolite queen. they also seemed like they did not care for her or her antics. The Highway Patrol should be on this but money and politics wins out. lets get her and whomever is responsible for the atrocities looking for a new job.