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Rant Control

Black, White, Dread All Over

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // August 17,2010 - Rumors are pervasive that layoffs are coming to the Deseret News, leaving the newspaper’s staff—and the rest of Utah—to wonder what will become of the state’s oldest daily newspaper [reported first by City Weekly’s Josh Loftin in his blog Deseret News Layoffs,” Aug. 12,]

“Many friends over there,” wrote online commenter Bob, “competitors who have earned respect for their professionalism and skills.”

XSL sees business savvy behind the decision.

“Here is the rationale of the [Deseret Media Company],” wrote XSL. “When a story is covered there is a reporter from the D-News, KSL-TV, KSL-Radio, and they are thinking, ‘Wait, why do we have three reporters covering the same story?’”

Good question, XSL, one Rant Control has wondered about before. But with that journalistic heft, they should be covering three stories at once, no?

Like so many others have done for a decade—at least—Francene Stratton bemoaned the evolution of news and worries the field is loosing its professionals.

“Trained, ethical journalists who spend their careers shining a light on corruption, sticking up for the little guy and telling stories that help us shape our world to be replaced by bloggers?” she asked. “Um, does that mean we’ll have to get our news of the city council off of some bloggers’ Facebook page?”

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Posted // August 20,2010 at 18:14

The LDS church owns the D-News, yes? Unquestionably that church, which operates as a corporation, has more resources and money than about any business in the state. To say they can't afford the salaries of a few underpaid newspaper staffers is ludicrous. If they can build a dozen several million dollar temples each year, then certainly they should uphold the idea of a properly staffed free and unfettered media within its VERY vast portfolio. I suspect the idea is to raise yet more money to dump into the out-of-state campaign coffers for those ideas they disagree (like marriage is between one man and one woman, unless you're a prophet of the church, in which case dozens of wives are never enough.) The argument of the necessity of cost-cutting at the local paper is ridiculous.


Posted // August 19,2010 at 22:01

Mark Willes did more to destroy the Los Angeles Times as CEO, than any one individual.

There is your story