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Rant Control

"Filth" and Hate in Gay Community

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // July 5,2010 - City Weekly editor Jerre Wroble posted to the Salt Blog a voice mail she received from any angry reader (see “I Am Not That Filth,” June 23). The self-proclaimed “respectable gay male” complained that a recent cover story featuring queer Latinos (see “Kings of Queens,” June 17, City Weekly) was “filth” and the people featured should “go back to their country.”

Our commenters were not pleased.

“This mentality of ‘let me in, but no one else’ is exactly what has limited the previous human rights movements,” wrote Will. “... [I]t is not our assimilation that gives us our worth, but our uniqueness!”

Paul said the message was “insensitive, racist, and deeply homophobic.”

Ben Williams recalled that gender-benders were crucial to New York City’s Stonewall Riots of 1969, which started the gay-rights movement worldwide. “If not for the cross dressers and drag queens at Stonewall 41 years ago this month, he would not have the luxury of publicly criticizing members of his community that are finding another way to express themselves.”

Hayduke wrote he would defend the transsexual women featured in the story, but “I’m quite sure these ladies know how to take care of themselves by now. It takes thick skin to walk that line in life, bless their garters and heels.”

Jesse Fruhwirth:

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