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Rant Control

David Archuleta Idolatry

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // June 9,2010 - David Archuleta fans raved about his new memoir as well as Brandon Burt’s glowing review of it [see “David Archuleta,” May 31, City], but one reliably contrary commenter kept things interesting by piercing the balloons of all those fans who are so impressed with the 19-year-old teen singing sensation from Murray.

“David is only 19 years old but there aren’t a lot of 19 year olds around who have the values, spirituality, talent, morals, etc. that he has!” wrote Breanne. “David Archuleta is a beautiful young man inside and out! Love him!!”

“I read the book start to finish in one night,” wrote Paula. “His story is told with no pretenses, simply to encourage others and to share his personal journey.” There were several comments like those, many by female names, prompting BlackMamba to suggest that libido is blinding the fans and that Archuleta ain’t all that. “Can’t wait for another book when you turn 21, then 30, then 40, then your Vegas years, your cruise ship years and finally, Where Are They Now?-episodes from the retirement home recreation-room sing-along,” BlackMamba wrote.

Rant Control thinks any ghost-written memoir of a 19-year-old pop megastar epitomizes “truthiness.” If you must, enjoy Arhuleta’s book as a work of very creative non-fiction because way too many people’s paychecks rely on this idol to risk revealing any of his warts.

Jesse Fruhwirth:

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Posted // June 12,2010 at 11:41

I forgot to add - re sell more copies with warts? David would never discuss his parents' or other people's personal problems. I didn't expect him to. And no need anyway. Chord of Strength is #15 on the New York Times Bestseller list of Hardcover Nonfiction. And it doesn't matter if it could have sold better because David doesn't care about fame or fortune other than how he can do good with it.


Posted // June 15,2010 at 15:11 - Your comment about a granddaughter is horrible but good insight into your own character. David supports many charities money and his time and inspires his fans to help too. The Archuleta fan team was #2 in all donation teams for Stand Up to Cancer and #1 on the second push. We joined David to donate for portable dental equipment and a team of US dentists to travel to India and provide dental care to the shunned children of India's former lepers and have since donated enough for a school. David and his fans supported Crush MS, Invisible Children, One Heartland, Help For Haiti Now, Plane to Haiti and more. David also contributed his time and voice to many charity events including Somos El Mundo and a Jordin Sparks charity event which gave hearing aids to poor near-deaf children. And David often visits children's hospitals and meets with Make a Wish children. Forbes magazine called David a philanthropist last year. Anyway - read the book and see if you think a professional writer wrote it. I don't.


Posted // June 15,2010 at 09:14 - Well, then, perhaps his fans should provide better detail about the good he does. I mean the actual selfless acts he commits and signing books or winking at your granddaughter doesn't count, no matter how terminally ill she is.


Posted // June 12,2010 at 08:18

BlackMamba- Since this is a few days old, you are probably not still here. But if so...

(1) My first paragraph made no sense to you because it wasn't directed at you. I was responding to the last paragraph of the article: "...way too many people's paychecks rely on this idol to risk revealing any of his warts." Other bloggers have seemed disappointed that the book wasn't a "tell-all", and that's what I thought the sentence was referring to.

(2) Not being a journalist, I don't know where the lines between "written" and "ghost-written" cross, but the words are absolutely coming from David's thoughts and pattern of speech. It's as if you're in the room with him and he's speaking directly to you. It seems very personal, which IMO is a good thing. Sure, David had help coming up with topics and organizing his thoughts. But who cares? Not the ppl who helped make COS #15 on the NY Times Bestsellers List!! Hehe.

(3) No, I don't consider it weird at all that David has older female fans. He's not your typical teen pop singer, and absolutely nothing like Miley or Justin or Keesha. He's not interested in singing generic fluffy pop, or creating an image that just caters to teens. He wants his music to be more meaningful, uplifting and to tell a story. And it does...As Paula said on AI, David is an old soul in a young person's body. If you went to a concert or heard his Christmas album, you'd understand. His vocal and delivery skills are way beyond his years. He packs sooo much raw emotion and passion into each song, that he draws you in and makes you feel it, too. There is no age limit to being touched by the power of music.


Posted // June 15,2010 at 16:55 - I personally don't swoon over anybody. But yes, I probably would enjoy Kurt Bestor's music, as well as Josh Groban, Celine Dion, several Christian contemporary artists, and others who pour feeling into the words and make powerful connections with the audience. That's the music that I enjoy, and that's just the way it is. So sue me, lol.


Posted // June 15,2010 at 09:10 - Haha. Penguin sez DA authored the book. What did you expect them to say?


Posted // June 15,2010 at 09:07 - I'll bet you guys swoon over Kurt Bestor, too. So many deep, emotional vessels waiting for someone to come along and fill them.


Posted // June 10,2010 at 00:46

Black Mamba - Where did David say he didn't write the book himself? You said that in the other comments. Do you have a link to where he said that? I am pretty sure I have listened to or read all of David's interviews and I heard him say several times that the woman repeatedly interviewed (practically badgered from his imitation lol) him to remember more details and feelings from childhood events, and he wrote about them. It certainly reads like David wrote it. He doesn't like to write, he think he is a slow writer, but he accepted the task as a challenge. He said it was like doing homework.


Posted // June 11,2010 at 09:56 - Along the same lines that you wrote, Violet, he said in an interview about the book 2 weeks ago that "he hates to write." The reporter then gave the name of the writer. I'm a journalism graduate from long ago and there's a big difference between a writer sitting down and writing something from thin air and an interview that's converted into a vanity memoir. Not attacking. I work in publishing and can spot fans giving too much credit where a nearly-uncredited writer did all the heavy lifting. It happens all the time, so don't act all shocked or upset. Do you think Sarah- McWordSalad-Palin wrote that thing she's selling? Or Karl Rove's book? Or anything from the 12 LDS Apostles? (Especially that one guy who keeps writing about women and their needs and their devotion and their place in society and what really makes them happy, like an ancient, male, walking liver spot would know a damn thing about being a woman or what makes them happy. I'll bet his wife's never had an orgasm).


Posted // June 9,2010 at 22:00

Mm-kay. Looks like I need to comment. I don't understand why our society has an insatiable thirst for gossip and scandal and drama. There are soooo many places one can go to get that (TMZ, the Enquirer, countless heartless internet blogs), but you're not going to get it from David. And that's one huge reason why I'm a fan.

I'm so tired of superficiality and obsession with image. Not interested in people who want to make a buck by hurting others, or who have to make sure their image is to be trendy, cool or hip. I don't want to have to peel back the layers to find the real person inside. Don't have the time of day for people like that.

With David, what you see is what you get. He's very intent on staying true to who he is. No pretense, no acting, no alterior motives. Just a genuine, down-to-earth tender-hearted guy who wants to do good in this world. And who wants to share pieces of his life in this book so that those with similar struggles might find hope. David prefers to keep his private life private, and I have the utmost respect for that. He doesn't owe it to society or gossip mongerers to satisfy their thirst for dirt. They are the ones I have no respect whatsoever for.

Regarding David's fans themselves, Black Mamba, he has a very diverse fanbase. It's funny how critics love to lump us into one category. We are either all crazed tweens or all crazed cougars- nothing in between. I didn't know I could be 12 and 50 at the same time- it's a miracle! I also didn't know that I had to be female to be a fan, or that I couldn't be a fan simply because I love David's voice and performances. Darn. I just don't fit the stereotype. I guess I'll go eat worms. LOL.


Posted // June 12,2010 at 08:31 - Black Mamba- I wasn't sure how to let you know, but I responded to your response to me. lol.


Posted // June 11,2010 at 10:06 - I'm not a critic. I don't listen to his music because it does absolutely nothing for me or to me. Same with Justin Bieber or K$iesha or whatever that mess is called. If I was in a group of older, hetero men, married and single, that followed Miley Cyrus around the country and had posters in our houses and fawned over her ghost-written book and stood in line for hours to say something clever and loving to her as she scribbled her name, you would say that I was a weirdo. That I should be embarassed by my creepy attachment to a youngster. And you would be correct. And, VJ, get your storytelling-self together. Your first paragraph makes no sense. No one said anything about Archuleta being part of the gossip industry. He's no Lindsay Lohan? Good. He's not supposed to be like that. Give him a cookie.


Posted // June 9,2010 at 17:13

BlackMamba's funny, but David is wonderful. And not everyone who thinks so is compelled to molest him (although my impulse to give him a puppy and pay for his college mystifies me).

Give me that Archuleta "truthiness" anytime!