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Rant Control

Readers respond to the end of 101.9 The End

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // April 28,2010 - Radio DJ allegiance and rivalry erupted in our comments section after digital editor Bill Frost reported on the Salt Blog that 101.9 The End was removing its disc jockeys [see “The End of The End 101.9,” April 21,].

The news conjured tears and jeers toward DJ Jimmy Chunga. “Good riddance,” began online commenter Josh. “I hated hearing Chunga talk about how great he is.”

Shelby, Eric, BlackMamba and others seconded that sentiment, but YA cried foul.

YA slammed morning powerhouse Radio From Hell, on X96, and suspected DJs from that station were the ones anonymously cheering the demise.

Paul was happy about the “jockless” format: “More music and less blabby by the DJ is a win for listeners.”

Say what you want about Chunga, wrote Fooboyx, but the news is a sad sign of the times for a medium in decline.

“More and more, stations are becoming iTunes on random with commercial breaks,” Fooboyx wrote. “ A whole profession is disappearing for the sake of profits at the expense of quality. This is an act of desperation from a dying medium.”

With DJs or without them, Rant Control believes NotanX96 DJ said it best: “The real tragedy is that we now have 20 nearly identical radio stations.”

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