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Girl Scouts vs. the LDS Church

By Jesse Fruhwirth
Posted // April 21,2010 -

City Weekly staff writer Stephen Dark asked for reader input as to why the Boy Scouts have a more intimate relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than do Girl Scouts [see “Dib dib dob dob,” April 16]. The conversation evolved into a conversation about female equality in the LDS Church.

Commenter Thin Mint got the discussion started with a brief accusation. “Girl Scouts aren’t held in the LDS bosom like the boys because girls are girls,” Thin Mint wrote. “Women don’t really count for much in that religion.”

“That’s absurd!” responded SVB, who then extolled the power and virtue of the allwomen LDS Relief Society. “Women are held in very high esteem in our faith.”

Seeming to have in mind that women are excluded from the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve, the top power structures in the church, Thin Mint replied, “Men have the power, the priesthood, men write the rules, men run the church, men hold power over their wives, both here on Earth as well as in heaven.”

Mormon, Girl Scouts fan, Salt Lake County Council candidate and former City Weekly editor Holly Mullen added, “[Girl Scouts] are about empowering girls and allowing them to reach their full potential—which may or may not include marriage and childbearing. This doesn’t fit with official LDS views on females.”

Jesse Fruhwirth:

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Posted // April 29,2010 at 12:57

I don't think Girl Scouts not being in the LDS church has anything to with the LDS views of women in the church. The structure of Girl Scouts is one that is not based around a church, which is different than Boy Scouts. When I was a kid, the boys met at the catholic church I was a member of, and the Girl Scout Troop was at our elementary school. The girls that were Catholic earned seperate church awards that we did together, but as a whole, church was not a large part of our Girl Scouting experience. Which was better, because I was able to meet with friends and hang out with classmates because they were my age and they were girls, not because they belonged to the same religion as I did.


Posted // July 7,2010 at 08:50 - We have troops that meet at churches all the time, though locally for BSA and GSUSA troops, our churches do not dictate what we add to our program, nor do they forbid things allowed by our organizations that go against their way of thinking.


Posted // July 7,2010 at 08:47 - FYI, BSA is no more God oriented that GSUSA. There programing is set, but their seremonies from troop to troop differ based on the fact that in BSA the troop has a sponsor(Church or other organization) that may require certain things from their troop. Where GSUSA troops are not corporately sponsored by anyone other than its members. It's members and leaders make the rules and follow the rules they set. A GSUSA troop can make GSUSA rules stricter but cannot lessen them. GSUSA = more freedom for making decisions in the troops own hand and for their purposes. Girls learn to be independant leaders of tomorrow. Their new tag line says it all, What did you do today?


Posted // April 21,2010 at 20:24

The biggest difference is the difference in the attitudes toward God in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts' programs. The Boy Scouts affirm a belief in God. In Girl Scouts, it's considered optional. Boy Scouts include attributes like "reverent" in their creed. It's about building good, godly men. Girl Scouts believes they can build good women with God being an optional component.

In Boy Scouts, the spiritual is not optional. One cannot become an Eagle Scout without affirming a belief in Deity. This is why the scouting program dovetails nicely with the objectives of our young men's programs.


Posted // March 25,2012 at 22:42 - So the part in the BSA that about faith in god doesn't have much to do with religion? Really? "On my honor, I will do my best. to do ky duty to GOD and my country." Just looking for a way to be argumentative I see. BSA was based on faith in god, maybe you should have paid more attention.


Posted // May 4,2010 at 17:37 - THE REAL REASON that the Boy Scouts is backed by the LDS church and the Girl Scouts is not is... because the LDS Church has its own Young Women's Program dedicated to the young women in the church. They chose to use the Boy Scouts program for Young Men because it already existed and mirrored many of the values the LDS church wanted Young Men to have, you know Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. The LDS Faith values women higher than men, in my opinion. In fact they believe that very little is known about a Heavenly Mother because of God's reverence toward her, and not wanting man to speak of her in vain. Also, the Priesthood the LDS men hold is only good for service, and is not able to be used on ones self. The fact that they believe that the man is the leader of the household is meant that he should be a leader of good example, provide for his family, and be responsible for protecting them. Not meaning he's the all knowing god of the household. However, many people including LDS men misinterpret that. Don't take my word for it find out for yourself. Many people get their information about the LDS faith from hearsay, opinions, and literature written by people writing about the LDS faith, not from actual research of LDS materials.


Posted // April 22,2010 at 15:57 - BTW--The LDS Church's own program for Young Women mirrors the Boy Scout/Girl Scout programs in many ways, including an ultimate award comparable to the BSA Eagle in breadth and depth.


Posted // April 22,2010 at 10:08 - I agree here...also, I believe that long ago when the church was considering whether the Girl Scouts should be the church's program for girls, like BSA is for boys, that they wanted to add the spiritual components and add some bending of tradition (like camping on Sundays) and that the Girl Scout organization was not willing for the church to do that, as they have for the Boy Scouts, which BSA approved. BSA was very flexible, and I even found (among my non-LDS, scout executive grandfather's things, an old manual that was called "Scouting and the LDS Church," which talks about how Scouting is a great complement to the gospel, and the Young Men's Programs.


Posted // April 22,2010 at 09:32 - This is incorrect. Girl Scouts does incorporate faith into its programming. The Promise includes the same phrasing as BSA, in that Girls pledge to "serve God and my country" Faith, in GSUSA, is a personal issue between the girl and her religion, GSUSA wants girls to grow in their faith, in their own way. A troop may or may not emphasize this aspect, or dozens of other aspects, for that matter, of the organization, that does not mean it isn’t there. From the Blue Book of Basic Documents, 2009: page 4, the Constitution: “BELIEFS AND PRINCIPLES We, the members of Girl Scouts of the United States of America, united by a belief in God, hold that the Girl Scout Promise and Law is the cornerstone of our Movement… …SPIRITUAL FORCE The motivating force in Girl Scouting is spiritual. The ways in which members identify and fulfill their spiritual beliefs are personal and private.” Should you like a full text version of the Blue Book (and this isn’t the abbreviated Leader version) you may visit:


Posted // April 22,2010 at 09:28 - God and religion are important components of Girl Scouting. We are just accepting of other religions and do not force 1 religion on everyone. We do not close our doors to someone just because they do not believe the same way as someone else. Our Promise says: On my honor I will try: To serve God and my country.Where would anyone figure we make GOD optional. GOD is a self describable word pending on your beliefs. Budda, ALA, GOD, whom ever it may be. FYI you can earn your Eagle Rank without the formentioned requirement.


Posted // April 21,2010 at 18:11

Thin Mint, like many others, is hung up on the idea of "power." Mormons define power differently than does the rest of the world. Our power consists of responsibility to serve God and humanity, and when we are filled with the desire to do so without motives of pride, ambition or domination, the true power of God operates through us (male OR female) to accomplish His purposes.

As an LDS women I relate to righteous priesthood holders as a colleague, all of us striving to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ. I have been fully supported in reaching my full potential, while putting my family first. Actually, I find that righteous men tend to hold good women somewhat in awe, and to rely on their inspiration and counsel. Men who do otherwise haven't figured it out yet.


Posted // March 25,2012 at 22:51 - And so a man can enter the celestial kingdom if his wife refuses to follow him? Ummm... No! Nice try leaving out that other important part that shows the man actually has equal "power" in this. And have you ever been married to a man? I am, and it would be nice to have someone else to help, I never would have believed that but after years of marriage it makes more sense. Also... The wives have to accept another wife.


Posted // July 1,2010 at 13:21 - @your name here I went to correct you in your ignorance. These anti-mormons are always so full of themselves. First, you don't have to be married to go to the Celestial Kingdom, Second the calling of the name has to do with the resurrection not the Celestial Kingdom. Third our Earthly concept of jealousy and carnal desires will not be part of the Celestial Kingdom. Women will have Godly powers. Like, dillet, many are caught up on what the concept of power really is. I always heard that the hand that rocks the cradle rules world.


Posted // June 9,2010 at 16:04 - Oh please - In Mormonism a woman can't even enter the Celestial Kingdom unless her HUSBAND calls for her. No husband = No Heaven (unless another married man wants to add her to HIS stable of phillies. Husbands must have multiple wives in Heaven (per Joseph Smith and Brigham Young). A Mormon woman gets to share her husband with lots of other women. Lucky girl!