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Trader Joe's

Salsa, Joe-Joe's & Other Must-Haves

By Kathleen Curry & Geoff Griffin
Posted // December 24,2012 -

Up until a few weeks ago, any road trip out of state meant leaving extra space in the trunk so we could load up on Trader Joe’s staples to bring back to Utah. We know we weren’t the only ones doing this; we were always seeing people toting Trader Joe’s bags around Salt Lake City.

Now, thanks to the chain finally opening here, we can now leave room for luggage and just make one trip a week. Apparently, a lot of other Salt Lakers are doing the same; the opening weeks saw shelves emptying quickly. In casual conversations at checkout, employees told us the chain was sending as many delivery trucks as it could every night, and extra staff was being brought in to keep up with demand.

If you’re already a Trader Joe’s fan, the local store is a chance to try more frozen and refrigerated products that wouldn’t survive the I-15 drive before. If you’re a Trader Joe’s virgin, here’s your chance for some new eating experiences.

Trader Joe’s is well known for its healthy products like the roasted-seaweed snack and organic whole-wheat pasta, but you can also find plenty of options designed solely with the goal of tantalizing your taste buds. Chocolate-covered sea-salt butterscotch caramels and peppermint Joe-Joe’s were two of the featured products leading up to the holidays.

Some of our favorite pre-made dishes include roasted-beet salad, chicken Marsala, chana masala and chicken-parmesan “lollipops.” The key is enjoying the leisure that pre-made dishes afford without having to feel like you’re loading your body with processed junk.

If you’re in the mood to cook, our “must-have” staples over the years have been Trader Joe’s salsa autentica, Trader Ming’s General Tsao stir-fry sauce and Trader Giotto’s pasta sauces to go with packaged gnocchi.

If you’re new to Trader Joe’s shopping, give it a shot, and you might find that you, too, would be willing to transport the products across state lines.

634 E. 400 South

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